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BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
BEVBlacksburg Electronic Village
BEVBundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (Austria)
BEVBell ExpressVu (Canada)
BEVBird's Eye View
BEVBlack English Vernacular
BEVBeam's Eye View (radiation therapy imaging technique)
BEVBillion Electron Volts
BEVBase-Emitter Voltage (transistor)
BEVBusiness Enterprise Value
BEVBacterial Endotoxins Test
BEVBoot Entry Vector
BEVBio-Electronique Vincent (French: Bio-Electronic Vincent; internal environment analysis)
BEVBeersheba, Israel - Domestic Airport (airport code)
BEVBordeaux Evasion Voyages (French: Bordeaux Escape Travel; travel agency; France)
BEVBlack Entertainment Video (French video sharing website)
BEVBureau d'Etudes Techniques Véra (French: Vera Office of Technical Studies; engineering firm)
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Providing a bird's eye view of the network and information on demand, Acterna's OFM software delivers an inside look at the outside plant and can hone in on the exact location of faults, outages, affected nodes, and customer sites, as well as shed light on the entire fiber optic network.
The problem is, it's not so easy to see mountain ranges, unless you have a bird's eye view. If you really want to find dragon veins, you can use aerial photography or a topographical map.
Unlike previous artists working in the genre, many of the American artists responsible for the lithographs at the height of the bird's eye view craze had neither formal artistic training nor experience.
The reader is treated to a bird's eye view of a fragmented Europe, a patchwork of various dynasties and types of rule that were haphazardly inching their way towards more centralized forms of government, not so much by design as by dynastic accident, propelled by the necessities of war that demanded increased taxation and burgeoning bureaucracies to handle the creep of government.
From a bird's eye view, the dark green carpet formed by the canopy of tall tropical forest is marked by large clearings, some peppered with rotting tree stumps, others already converted into pasture and farm land.
Birds can see ultraviolet wavelengths that are invisible to humans, and that bird's eye view of feathers may help solve a mystery about mate selection in this European species.
Walking up the open tread main staircase with its slender steel horizontal balustrades, a bird's eye view of the city below to the left and successive open and glazed working the floors to the right, induces mixed feelings of weightlessness and vertigo.
"Bird's Eye View of Legislative Council Services" informs new legislators and staff about the agencies under the Legislature's joint management committee, the Legislative Council.
TAKE a bird's eye view of the new velodrome taking shape at Middlesbrough Sports Village.
Believed to be the first "bird's eye view painting", the oil on canvas of Denbighshire estate Llanerch Park, dating from around 1665 by an unknown artist, is expected to fetch between PS400,000 and PS600,000 at Sotheby's.
The Atkinsons, from Ainsdale, won the chance to be photographed for A Bird's Eye View after son Oscar, who is six tomorrow, persuaded parents Craig and Joanne to enter a competition.
However, the one who catches the eye is Bird's Eye View, a JP McManus-owned filly whose trainer Tommy Stack has made a flying start to the campaign in several recent seasons.