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Bond, M.P.H., from the University of Washington School of Public Health in Seattle, and colleagues conducted a population-based cohort study to compare the risk for low birth weight, preterm birth, and small for gestational age among women who moved during the first trimester of pregnancy (28,011 women) compared with women who did not move (112,367 women).
Compared with babies born at or above the low birth weight cut-off, babies born with LBW have a higher risk of stunting, lower IQ and death in their childhood, said the report.
A child inherits half their genes from their mother and a half from their father, and the child's own resulting genetic make-up plays a role in birth weight. The paper reveals the complex balance of how both the mother's genes and the baby's genes can influence the baby's growth.
The overall mean+-standard error for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, eighteenth month weight were 29.03+-0.24, 142.50+-2.38, 186.89+-3.02, 245.87+-4.15 kg, respectively.
The objective of our study was to analyse birth weight and length of children with classical CAH who were treated in the outpatient department of our hospital.
In view of multiplicity of the maternal and fetal factors, we have attempted to establish the correlation between maternal factors such as socioeconomic status, age, placental size, fundal height, abdominal circumference, and midarm circumference with the birth weight of the baby.
We measured estimated weight of each twin in 870 twin pregnancies, henceforth calculated estimated and actual birth weight of 1740 foetuses.Chorionicity of twins was determined on ultrasound in first trimester of pregnancy.
Weight and gestational age relationship parameter showed that 38.6% were Full term LBW (low birth weight) and 53.1% were Preterm AGA (appropriate for gestational age) whilst 8.0% were Preterm SGA (p-value 0.001).
The authors estimated that 3% of the low birth weight births in London are directly caused by exposure during pregnancy to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) levels greater than 13.8 u.g/ [m.sup.3].
The study involved 285 children who were born with a marginally low birth weight -- 2-2.5 kg -- and a control group of around 100 children born with a normal birth weight.
The study involved 285 children who were born with a marginally low birth weight -- 2-2.5 kg-and a control group of around 100 children born with a normal birth weight.
Identification of the effect of those anthropometric parameters on birth weight is important in order to determine the level of care and priorities for a referral to centers where reasonable neonatal care is available.