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You've got a birthday present this time, Jim, and no mistake.
Then, all things considered," spoke Arobin, "it might not be amiss to start out by drinking the Colonel's health in the cocktail which he composed, on the birthday of the most charming of women--the daughter whom he invented.
It is even difficult for me to believe that there was a gap of full two months between my return to Salem House and the arrival of that birthday.
Double grog was going on the least excuse; there was duff on odd days, as, for instance, if the squire heard it was any man's birthday, and always a barrel of apples standing broached in the waist for anyone to help himself that had a fancy.
It was on the ninth of November, the eve of his own thirty-eighth birthday, as he often remembered afterwards.
I'm glad they don't give birthday presents like that
This prophecy struck the heart of my father with such woe, that he never got over it, but that did not prevent him from attending carefully to my education till I attained, a short time ago, my fifteenth birthday.
For a long time the Herd-boy had made up his mind to prepare a surprise for this beautiful creature on her birthday.
On his twenty-ninth birthday, Bell received his patent, No.
But it is a time of leisure on the farm-- that pause between hay- and corn-harvest, and so the farmers and labourers in Hayslope and Broxton thought the captain did well to come of age just then, when they could give their undivided minds to the flavour of the great cask of ale which had been brewed the autumn after "the heir" was born, and was to be tapped on his twenty-first birthday.
As this is Lady Sylvie's birthday, I would like to--" and he rushed away.
My birthday was the most melancholy day at home in the whole year.