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BISBureau of Industry and Security
BISDepartment for Business, Innovation and Skills (UK)
BISBest In Show
BISBank for International Settlements
BISBureau of Indian Standards
BISBlackberry Internet Service
BISBBB (Better Business Bureau) Information System
BISBorder Information Service (Canada)
BISBispectral Index
BISBusiness Integration Services
BISBritish Interplanetary Society
BISBusiness Information System
BISBusiness Intelligence Solutions
BISBowser's Inside Story (gaming)
BISBisector (geometry)
BISBump in the Stack (RFC 2767)
BISBachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
BISBlack Isle Studios (video games maker)
BISBusiness Intelligence System
BISBehavioral Inhibition System
BISBachelor of Information Systems
BISBusiness Information Service
BISBusiness Integration Server
BISbioimpedance spectroscopy
BISBuilt-In Speakerphone
BISBoot Integrity Services
BISBrought Into Service
BISBanque Islamique du Sénégal (French: Islamic Bank of Senegal; Senegal)
BISBachelor of Independent Studies
BISBelieve in Style (Japanese band)
BISBusiness Internet Solutions
BISBavarian International School
BISBusiness Integration Suite
BISBoard of Inspection and Survey (US Navy)
BISBirnbaum Interpreting Services
BISBusiness Intelligence Specialist
BISBioinformatics Services
BISBremsstrahlung Isochromat Spectroscopy
BISBusiness Improvement Solutions
BISBiometric Identification Solution (Motorola fingerprint palmprint identification product)
BISBibliothek Information Schweiz (German: Library Information Switzerland; Switzerland)
BISBrain Injury Society
BISBoundary Intermediate System
BISBack in A Second
BISButts In Seats
BISBarents Information Service (Finland)
BISBritish Information Service (Consular General Office, New York)
BISBezpecnostní Informacní Sluzba (Security and Information Service, Czechia; StB successor)
BISBordeaux International School
BISBorder Intermediate System (ATM Forum, PNNI SWG)
BISBachelor of Information Science
BISBiological Instrumentation Services Ltd.
BISBuffer Information Specification
BISBuilt-In Simulation
BISBottled in Scotland (whisky bottles)
BISBring Into Service
BISBest in Slot (gaming)
BISBattlefield Information Services
BISBombay International School (Mumbai, India)
BISBibliographic Instruction Section
BISBehavior Intervention Specialist
BISBehavioral Intervention Services
BISBirmingham Islamic Society (Birmingham, Alabama)
BISBeam Imaging System
BISBase One Internet Server
BISBattlefield Information System
BISBattlespace Information System
BISBackup Iron Sight
BISBid Invitation Specification
BISBid Information Service
BISBuffer Insertion and Sizing
BISBio-geographic Information System
BISBehavior and Ideation Scale
BISBleve Incident Simulator
BISBoard of Inspection & Survey
BISBiocide Injection System
BISBaskin Internet Services
BISBismarck, ND, USA - Bismarck-Mandan Municipal (Airport Code)
BISBoston Inspectional Services
BISBrookside Intermediate School (Friendswood, TX)
BISBachelor of Islamic Studies
BISBlooms in Style (Torrance, CA)
BISBusiness Intelligence Server (computing)
BISBayer Industry Services
BISBulk Ink System (printers)
BISBACN (Battlefield Airborne Communications Node) IFDL (Intra-Flight Data Link) Subsystem (US Air Force)
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gamma]] and the Poincare bisector of the geodesic linking j to [[gamma].
A zero value would, in principle, be close to the bisector, and therefore would suppose a balanced distribution of aid to all countries, without taking into account any measure of the need for it (which, as already mentioned above, does not seem appropriate).
Let I be the incenter of the hyperbolic triangle ABC, and let the angle bisectors be AD, BE, and CF.
He derived geometry terms with their roots and annexes including eksi, carpi, bolu, carpma, bolme, egri, dogru, ucgen, dortgen, aci, aciortay, ucgenin ic acilari toplami (plus, minus, division, multiply, divide, curve, straight line, triangle, quadrangle, angle, bisector, sum of internal angles of a triangle) and brought 129 new words to the turkish language (10,11).
Seven point targets with interval of 200 m along the bistatic bisector line are used in the simulation, where the geometries in the azimuth invariant and variant cases are depicted in Fig.
The threshold is a moving hyperplane which is perpendicular bisector to feature components of consecutive training samples.
a contact) between two pseudolines [DELTA]* and [DELTA]'* of T* if it is labeled by the common bisector (resp.
Where there is no pronounced headland, the line shall be drawn to the point where the line of mean lower low water on the shore is intersected by the bisector of the angle formed where a line projecting the general trend of the line of mean lower low water along the open coast meets a line projecting the general trend of the line of mean lower low water along the tributary waterway.
The vectorial sum of these vectors results in a bisector that divides the plane into two areas: EM area and EF area.
The slight convex curvature of the adjusting lines with respect to the bisector provides an evident indication that the extreme values of the insurer B cannot properly be captured by the exponential distribution.
1984) of the path of the fluid particle on the bisector plane of [X.