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bitBinary Digit (0 or 1)
bitBuilt-In Test
bitBusiness Information Technology
bitBachelor of Information Technology
bitBilateral Investment Treaty
bitBabes In Toyland (band)
bitBureau International du Travail (French)
bitBoard of Industrial Training (various locations)
bitBusiness and Industry Training (various locations)
bitBusiness Income Tax
bitBirla Institute of Technology (Technical Institute at Ranchi, India since 1956)
bitBeijing Institute of Technology
bitBeijing Institute of Technology (China)
bitBinary Digit
bitBit Test
bitBuilt in Test
bitBright Ideas Trust
bitBrooklyn Independent Television (est. 2006; Brooklyn, NY)
bitBirla Institute of Technology (India)
bitBasic Information Technology
bitBangalore Institute of Technology (Bangalore, India)
bitBulk Ion Temperature
bitBüro für Internationale Forschungs- und Technologiekooperation (Vienna, Austria)
bitBusiness Improvement Team
bitBehavioral Inattention Test
bitBipolar Integrated Technology
bitBehavioral Investment Theory
bitBangladesh Institute of Technology
bitBrampton Intermodal Terminal (Brampton, Ontario Canada)
bitBudowlany Informator Techniczny (Polish: Technical Construction Information; publication)
bitBrunei Information Technology
bitBloc Ioulia Timochenko (Ukranian politics)
bitBhilai Institute of Technology (India)
bitBase Item Type
bitBasic Interconnection Test
bitBest in Tactics (gaming clan)
bitBroadband Infrastructure Technology (DARPA)
bitBannariamman Institute of Technology (Sathyamangalam, India)
bitBachelor of Industrial Technology
bitBoron Injection Tank
bitBond-In-Tension (aka Flatwise Tensile)
bitBanque de l'Industrie et du Travail (Beirut bank)
bitBuild Integration and Test
bitAustrian Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-Operation
bitBhubaneswar Institute of Technology (India)
bitBorza Internazionale del Turismo (Italian)
bitBusiness Implementation Time
bitBharath Institute of Technology
bitBrazilian Institute of Technology
bitBill Item Transaction (Sprint)
bitBgl International Ltd
References in classic literature ?
And wasn't it mesilf, sure, that jist giv'd it the laste little bit of a squaze in the world, all in the way of a commincement, and not to be too rough wid her leddyship?
and a wolly-wou, pully-wou," and then wid that he shoved up his two shoulders till the divil the bit of his hid was to be diskivered, and then he let down the two corners of his purraty-trap, and thin not a haporth more of the satisfaction could I git out o' the spalpeen.
You percave I had a reason of my own for knowing that she couldn't git down the stares althegither and intirely; for I knew very well that I had hould of her hand, for the divil the bit had I iver lit it go.
But there's the bakehus, if you could make up your mind to spend a twopence on the oven now and then,--not every week, in course--I shouldn't like to do that myself,--you might carry your bit o' dinner there, for it's nothing but right to have a bit o' summat hot of a Sunday, and not to make it as you can't know your dinner from Saturday.
Crackenthorp saying good words, and more partic'lar on Sacramen' Day; and if a bit o' trouble comes, I feel as I can put up wi' it, for I've looked for help i' the right quarter, and gev myself up to Them as we must all give ourselves up to at the last; and if we'n done our part, it isn't to be believed as Them as are above us 'ull be worse nor we are, and come short o' Their'n.
Th' inflammation didn't come on all at once like, but bit by bit--but I wasn't going to tell you about my eyes, I was talking about my trouble o' mind;--and to tell the truth, Miss Grey, I don't think it was anyways eased by coming to church--nought to speak on, at least: I like got my health better; but that didn't mend my soul.
He was quite a stranger, you know, Miss Grey, and even YOUNGER nor Maister Hatfield, I believe; and I had thought him not so pleasant-looking as him, and rather a bit crossish, at first, to look at; but he spake so civil like--and when th' cat, poor thing, jumped on to his knee, he only stroked her, and gave a bit of a smile: so I thought that was a good sign; for once, when she did so to th' Rector, he knocked her off, like as it might be in scorn and anger, poor thing.
He bit off the tops of the eggs as fast as he could, taking care to crush the young cobras, and turned over the litter from time to time to see whether he had missed any.
Once when a lady did that I screamed out loud and bit her hand.
He got up himself, laughing and glowing, and tousled; his eyes like a bit of the sky.
He would have refused a bit of hers beforehand, but one is naturally at a different point of view before and after one's own share of puff is swallowed.
You might have thought of it without, when you knew I gave you the best bit.