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BITBLTBit Block Transfer (graphics)
BITBLTBit-Boundary Block Transfer
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To support multimedia special effects, the CL-GD7556 provides hardware occlusion (destination color/chroma keying) and transparent BitBLT (source color/chroma keying).
Most of the drawing functions are hardware accelerated, including BitBLT (Rectangle Fill, Screen-to-Screen System-to-memory, Monochrome to Color expansion, etc.
The chip also provides extraordinarily fast 2D graphics hardware acceleration for bitBLT, pattern, area fill, and line drawings.
The MiMagic NMS7040 delivers performance with a 128-bit hardware BitBLT engine for speedy viewing of documents, browser content, email and images.
The controller includes a BitBLT acceleration engine, hardware cursor, and flicker filter.
For graphics processing, the CF-61 uses a new high performance Chips & Technology graphics controller, 2MB EDO RAM video memory, and 64-bit BitBLT graphics acceleration.
For 2D acceleration, RAGE XL and RAGE XC provide hardware acceleration of Bitblt and Line Draw, among other functions.