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BITBLTBit Block Transfer (graphics)
BITBLTBit-Boundary Block Transfer
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To support multimedia special effects, the CL-GD7556 provides hardware occlusion (destination color/chroma keying) and transparent BitBLT (source color/chroma keying).
Chips and Technologies' HiQVideo graphics accelerator family is based on a full 64-bit architecture with an integrated 64-bit BitBLT engine for optimized Windows(TM) performance, hardware multimedia support, and YUV to RGB conversion.
The chip also provides extraordinarily fast 2D graphics hardware acceleration for bitBLT, pattern, area fill, and line drawings.
For graphics processing, the CF-61 uses a new high performance Chips & Technology graphics controller, 2MB EDO RAM video memory, and 64-bit BitBLT graphics acceleration.