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BITCHBabe In Total Control of Herself
BITCHBeing in Total Control, Honey
BITCHBlack Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity
BITCHBeautiful Individual that Creates Haters
BITCHBirds in the City of Hollywood (MTV Jackass)
BITCHBeautiful Intelligent Talented Creative Honest
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With near neighbour Caroline Hamilton, Rebecca also spent 1,600gns to claim the top price pup, Ann, a 12-week-old bitch from Cumbria young farmer Shaun Procter.
Spaying a young bitch before she has her first season will limit subsequent appearances of cancer to just 0.
Written with Bernie Taupin, it features the lyrics: "I can bitch, I can bitch 'cause I'm better than you.
Uterine cystic hyperplasia with pyometra in bitch and its treatment.
Defending champion, the Oaks runner-up Cabra Millie, failed to win her return outing in the opening round of the Broadway Pet Foods Open Bitch Stake.
I was recently questioned about the use of the word BITCH in my music and initially was offended by anyone questioning anything in my music," West said.
Neither are we saying you have to wear unflattering clothes to exercise your going-against-the-tide look -- Leave that to the 60s bitch, who, in all her feminist angst, would arrive at a party dressed in rags to prove the point that she is a non-conformist.
The day's first, Mist, a tricoloured January 2006-born bitch from Barry Hopwood, Mold, sold for 2,750gns ) to a buyer from Cumbria.
Shortly after the McCain exchange appeared on YouTube, plasticrev24 posted "How do we beat the bitch" (6,486 discrete views), a music video that flashed photos of Hillary Clinton in debates as the lyric "I'll beat that bitch with a hit" is repeated.
The language is rough but the message is clear, and SKINNY BITCH will find an audience especially among younger dieters who want to embark on a vegan lifestyle for healthier results.
Sort of a polite way of saying Hillary really IS a bitch.
Don't feel so bad about being a bitch, counsels a new book, it's actually good for you.