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BTBBelieved-to-Be (US DoD)
BTBBadischer Turner Bund (German: Baden Gymnastics Federation; Baden, Germany)
BTBBack to Bed
BTBBack To Basics
BTBBusiness to Business (usually seen as B2B)
BTBBe the Beast
BTBBranch Target Buffer
BTBBad Taste Bear(s)
BTBBob's Track Builder (gaming software)
BTBBelize Tourism Board
BTBBlack to Black
BTBBass Treble Boost
BTBBack to Back
BTBBoard Technical Bulletin
BTBBreak the Barriers
BTBBase-to-Base (gaming)
BTBBob the Builder (cartoon)
BTBBog Te Blagoslovio (Croatian: God Bless You)
BTBBody to Body
BTBBite the Bullet
BTBBreakthrough Bleeding
BTBBurn the Bridge
BTBBring to Boil (cooking)
BTBBy the Book
BTBBig Team Battle (Halo 2)
BTBBumper to Bumper
BTBBride to Be
BTBBan the Bag (plastic bag ban advocacy)
BTBBringing Tap Back (Canada)
BTBBanca di Trento E Bolzano (Italian bank)
BTBBetween the Buttons (Rolling Stones album)
BTBBotswana Tourism Board (est. 2004)
BTBBelow the Belt
BTBBeyond the Bell
BTBBrigade Troops Battalion (US Army)
BTBBeating the Blues (UK)
BTBBoard Technical Bulletin (scientology)
BTBBouchon de Tir à Blanc (French: Blank Firing Cap)
BTBBack to Business
BTBBack to Base
BTBBring That Booty
BTBBric-a-Brac, Tramtrack, Broad-complex (domain)
BTBBeyond the Beyond (game)
BTBBay to Breakers (annual footrace; San Francisco, CA)
BTBBusiness Telephone Banking (various companies)
BTBBoeuf de Tradition Bouchère (French: Traditional Beef Butcher)
BTBBig Ten Burrito (Ann Arbor, MI)
BTBBeyond the Breakers (offshore fishing)
BTBBus Tie Breaker
BTBBanco Toyota do Brasil (Brazilian bank)
BTBBy The By
BTBBridge to Bridge (ship to ship communications)
BTBBeen There Bro
BTBBasic Test Battery
BTBBromethymol Blue
BTBBefore the Bang (period just before the Big Bang)
BTBBritish Tourism Board
BTBBeyond the Body
BTBBelgische Transportarbeiders Bond
BTBBad'in Town Bezak (French badminton club)
BTBBenoît Tapis Brosse (French carpet supplier)
BTBBetter Than Beer
BTBBurton Third Bombers (dorm residents; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
BTBBritish Tourist Board
BTBBody Tune Box (magnetic resonance imaging)
BTBBlind Transmission Broadcast (clandestine communications)
BTBBrett Taylor Bailey (foundation)
BTBBig Town Bucks (online business)
BTBBeyond the Barre (est. 1999; Canada; dance studio)
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"Bite the bullet, buy them, run them in the way you want.
For one thing, unlike many other countries, Japan refuses to bite the bullet and set up an independent commission or ministry dedicated to marketing Japan's tourist assets abroad.
In his commentary on the report, Limbaugh was forced to bite the bullet. He said: "Ladies and gentlemen, on the front page of Monday's [June 3rd] New York Times there's a story that has the Bush administration essentially saying, 'Yes, the phenomenon known as global warming exists, and guess who's causing it?
The list of companies deciding to bite the bullet and take huge write offs on impaired goodwill -- a mandate of Financial Accounting Statement 142 -- continues to grow.
"We're just going to have to bite the bullet and do what the States are doing."
Cloch: We're a small "mom and pop" chain of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, but we decided we had to bite the bullet and start the program-- in hopes of having better outcomes, providing better therapy for our residents and increasing our census.
At least that's what I and other humanists are inclined to say, implying that theists should really grow up and bite the bullet of naturalistic contingency.
If regulations allow you to keep or update your wet system by making simple, less costly modifications, you might want to bite the bullet on operating costs.
"We have to convince our membership and our contributors that we are willing to bite the bullet and sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed," says board member Joe Madison.
The CEO's first step toward credibility was to bite the bullet on bad loans, bailing out of $3 billion worth in California alone at the beginning of 1991.
This, however, will occur only if the state medical societies are able to bite the bullet and discipline physicians who practice medicine that violates even the most lenient of clinical protocols.
IT appears the gathering of the Labour clans is proving to be an opportunity for all those MPs, 174 who opposed the appointment of Jeremy Corbyn but had to bite the bullet, to peak out tortoise like from under their shells.