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BMPBitmap (file name extension)
BMPBest Management Practice
BMPBit (Built in Tester) Maintenance Panel
BMPBean-Managed Persistence (Enterprise Java Bean)
BMPBER (Bit Error Rate) Management Protocol
BMPBasic Metabolic Panel
BMPBest Music Poll
BMPBiomass Production
BMPBureau of Minerals and Petroleum (Greenland)
BMPBoard of Medical Practice
BMPBangalore Mahanagara Palike
BMPBasin Management Plan
BMPBest Management Plan
BMPBasic Metabolic Profile (blood test)
BMPBehavior Management Plan
BMPBonaire Marine Park
BMPBusiness-Method Patent
BMPBatch Message Processing Program
BMPBiochemical Methane Potential
BMPBrome-Missisquoi-Perkins (Canadian hospital)
BMPBangalore Mahanagar Palike (India)
BMPBuilding Maintenance Program
BMPBilling Mediation Platform
BMPBronevaya Maschina Piekhota
BMPBailey Metal Products
BMPBone marrow plasma cells
BMPBusiness Measurement Process (KPMG)
BMPBest Manufacturing Practice(s)
BMPBlack Magic Pearl
BMPBusiness Meeting Point
BMPBlack Mermaid Productions
BMPBarisan Merah Putih (Indonesian: Red and White Front)
BMPBusiness Management Plan
BMPBusiness Master Plan
BMPBulk Microphysical Parameterization
BMPBlue Mounds Area Project
BMPBourse de Recherche en Milieu de Pratique (French: Scholarship Program for Research in the Practice Environment; Canada)
BMPBritish Motorsport Promoters, Ltd.
BMPBattle Management Processor
BMPBakers Man Productions, Inc
BMPBoyevaya Mashina Pehoti (Soviet Mechanized Infantry Vehicle)
BMPBSC Main Processor
BMPBusiness Master Program
BMPBroad Market Potential
BMPBasic Multiligual Plane (Unicode character code table)
BMPBrunswick Memorial Park (Brunswick, Georgia)
BMPBackground Measurements Program
BMPBattalion Mentorship Program
BMPBehavioral Modification Practitioner
BMPBiologie, Morphologie, Pharmacie (French: Biology, Morphology, Pharmacy)
BMPBay Master Processor
BMPBrake Mean Power
BMPBehavioral Medicine Program
BMPBroken Marine Platoon (US Marine Corps)
BMPBorder Media Partners (radio; Dallas, TX)
BMPBrew Mobile Platform (Qualcomm)
BMPBonus Mission Pack (gaming; Guild Wars)
BMPBusiness Marketing Plan
BMPBone Morphogenetic Protein
BMPBirmingham Marketing Partnership
BMPBeep Media Player (audio player)
BMPBeijing Med-Pharm (Chinese)
BMPBlaze Media Pro (software)
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If the attribute is there and is redundant in the collection to specify the relationship between the attributes in Friends collection, those are indexed with bitmap indexing.
The color table is not present for bitmaps with 24 color bits because each pixel is represented by 24-bit red-green-blue (RGB) values in the actual bitmap data area.
ASCII text can be edited and reformatted in a word processor or publishing package, while bitmaps of text cannot be manipulated.
I was able to use this bitmap signature on documents I sent out with WordPerfect and my fax modem.
Monotype Imaging's patent-pending technique for enabling the clear display of scalable East Asian characters without bitmaps involves a new method of character fine-tuning - or hinting - to ensure the on-screen legibility of text from 14 to 50 pixels per em.
As an online course and living in Minnesota, BiTmaP appeared to be the perfect opportunity to begin a career change," said Bushee.
Fireworks 8 is unique in its ability to support both vector and bitmap images.
The tool includes comprehensive and versatile classification and overlay engines, as well as extensive bitmap browsing and summary analysis capabilities.
With UIC's focused expertise and industry experience, the BiTmaP program will help to bridge the gap between the surplus of unemployed and underemployed IT professionals and the fast-growing Midwest life science community.
Speedball 2 (Macrospace at UK State of Play - West Hall #2316) - Based on the legendary Bitmap Brothers game of the same name, the mobile adaptation of Speedball 2 holds true to the classic gameplay and style that made Bitmap Brothers such an acclaimed development team.
First, design engineers--people who often work in 3D, but send out 2D printouts and bitmaps of their work because those 2D forms are the lowest common denominator of communication.
both print and save functions are provided so that the analysis results can be recorded as bitmaps for use in other programs and documents, such as MS Word or PowerPoint;