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B/SBits Per Second
B/SBytes per Second
B/SBackside (extreme sports)
B/SBalance Sheet (accounting)
B/SBill of Sale
B/SBit Sync
B/SByron Station
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It allows users to exchange data over voice lines at speeds from 300 bits per second to 64 kb/s.
To transmit 1200 bits per second, the 202 has been designed to operate wih the 1200 and 2200-Hertz tones.
Digital networks are available in most urban areas now, with transmission speeds of 1,544,000 bits per second common.
To reach planned transmission rates of 40 billion bits per second (Gb/s)--up from today's maximum rate of 10 Gb/s--telecommunications companies would have to install a new generation of Optical cables that retain the quality of fast signals better than existing cables do.
128,000 bits per second. Rick Uhl is President and COO of Winstar for Buildings.
Becoming more common among top-end machines are high-speed modems (14,400 bits per second) that transmit a fax page in six seconds and at significantly lower transmission costs.
The old machines, rated at 4,800 bits per second (bps), are being rendered obsolete by machines that send data at between 9,600 and 14,400 bps.
A T1 line moves information at a million bits per second, he explained.
"We've determined that the transfer rates for information about air current velocity ranged from about 100 to 250 bits per second for the sensory receptors and between 10 and 60 bits per second for the primary sensory interneurons," Miller observes.