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BIWBody in White (automotive design technique)
BIWBusiness Information Warehouse
biwBiweekly (medication dose)
BIWBest in the World
BIWBuilding Information Warehouse
BIWBen Ik Weer (Dutch: I'm Back)
BIWBuilt in Wardrobe (rental properties)
BIWBath Iron Works Maine
BIWBrusselse Intercommunale Watermaatschappij
BIWBusiness Information Wire
BIWBrooklyn Is Watching (Brooklyn, NY art exhibition)
BIWBrûleurs Industriels Walzer (French: Walzer Industrial Burners)
BIWBattle Injury or Wound
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We're the first-to-market with a 100% online biweekly payment system," said Manage Your Mortgage President and CEO, Grant Szalay.
UC claims are filed biweekly to apply for cash benefits -- for up to 26 weeks -- after an initial UC claim is established.
The Crestar Biweekly Mortgage helps borrowers accumulate equity at a much faster rate than they would with a traditional monthly payment plan," said Marc C.
Cybercrime Law Report is also published biweekly and is designed to examine the changing nature and methodology of cybercrime, including hacks, Internet fraud, arrests, legislation, and relevant court decisions or agency policy.
The first biweekly supplement, dated February 1993, contains full text of the "Little League" decision, the first reported ruling under ADA, in which a judge granted a temporary restraining order suspending a policy that prevented wheelchair-bound coaches from occupying the coach's box.
of the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain and Principal Investigator of the study, presented findings from nine patients who were given weekly ERBITUX at its labeled dose and 20 patients who were given biweekly ERBITUX, 10 each at a 400 mg/m2 dose and a 500 mg/m2 dose.
Each biweekly issue of American Caucus will give readers forward- looking, contextual reporting on public affairs and Congress, including: profiles of key players shaping congressional debates, a "perspective" page offering pros and cons of important issues or insight into Congress as an institution, an interactive section where readers can speak their minds or ask questions about issues or workings of Congress, and information on C-SPAN programming and other public affairs shows.
Phyllis Lake already visits the gym for biweekly water conditioning classes and may expand her workouts to include treadmills or yoga, she said.
Evans-Novak Political Report," now in its 25th year, is a biweekly newsletter providing an unparalleled look into the world of politics.
Central Europe Retail Update is an English language biweekly newsletter which contains the most reliable and up-to-date overview of the news from the retail industry in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, supplied and verified by market analysts from the respective countries.
Cramer is expected to return to his unpaid position as a biweekly guest commentator on CNBC's morning program ``Squawk Box,'' although no timetable has been set, said network spokesman George Jamison.
Berlin was honored in the special April 3 issue of the biweekly magazine that provides strategic insight to technology integrators.