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BIWBody in White (automotive design technique)
BIWBusiness Information Warehouse
biwBiweekly (medication dose)
BIWBest in the World
BIWBuilding Information Warehouse
BIWBen Ik Weer (Dutch: I'm Back)
BIWBuilt in Wardrobe (rental properties)
BIWBath Iron Works Maine
BIWBrusselse Intercommunale Watermaatschappij
BIWBusiness Information Wire
BIWBrooklyn Is Watching (Brooklyn, NY art exhibition)
BIWBrûleurs Industriels Walzer (French: Walzer Industrial Burners)
BIWBattle Injury or Wound
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of the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain and Principal Investigator of the study, presented findings from nine patients who were given weekly ERBITUX at its labeled dose and 20 patients who were given biweekly ERBITUX, 10 each at a 400 mg/m2 dose and a 500 mg/m2 dose.
The county Public Works Department now makes weekly or biweekly stops to clean up the mess, but that is really not their job either.
Berlin was honored in the special April 3 issue of the biweekly magazine that provides strategic insight to technology integrators.
The Abraham Lincoln PTA will be sending out a biweekly newsletter Mondays to keep parents informed about what is happening at Lincoln.
The column will appear biweekly and will feature cutting-edge trends in the world of biotech, health-care, medical devices as well as the convergence of such technologies.
Valley Parents: parents of high-risk infants and children, meets biweekly, (818) 902-1616.
Statler & Waldorf episodes offer biweekly barbs about the latest popular films in release as part of Movies.
Looking at 2-week periods, however, shows that, despite a drop in the number of selections from the first to the second biweekly period in 2017, weeks 3 and 4 were still up considerably over last year.
02 million, but the difference has been getting smaller: After week 2 (enrollment figures were released only biweekly last year), the 2018 open season's tally was higher than the 2017 open season's week 2 tally by almost 47%, but after 4 weeks, the difference was only 30%, the CMS data show.
This is where Vocab Tunes biweekly dance contest for schoolchildren plays an integral role.
com)-- The last day for the submission of entries in the Vocab Tunes biweekly dance contest is fast approaching.
While that first offense results in only a warning, supporters of the bill said the law creates unnecessary paperwork and expense, either in having to issue twice as many paychecks or from having to apply to the DOL for permission for biweekly pay, or deal with the citation.