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BCNHBlack-Crowned Night Heron (bird)
BCNHBritish College of Nutrition and Health (est. 2000; UK)
BCNHBritish Cars of New Hampshire (est. 1991)
BCNHBastyr Center for Natural Health
BCNHBody Composition, Nutrition, and Health of Military Women (research committee)
BCNHBicycle Coalition of New Hampshire
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Clutch size, reproductive success, and organochlorine contaminants in Atlantic coast Black-Crowned Night Herons.
Black-crowned Night Heron was the first species to arrive on any night, and the most persistent in remaining.
Brett Carre, an interpretive ranger and natural resource specialist, says that the extensive ivy and mirror bush growth has allowed Black-Crowned Night Herons to nest on the island.
Says Hothem, "One of the black-crowned night heron nests, instead of having limbs over it, was in the middle of twisted metal and cement.
The species, the black-crowned night heron and great cormorant, could be upgraded from threatened to endangered, State Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife spokesman Mark Latti said.
FAA should improve control of birds and wildlife near airports The victims could fill a novice bird-watcher's bucket list: blackpoll warbler, double-crested cormorant, American black duck, short-billed dowitcher, black-crowned night heron, magnolia warbler, budgerigar and green-winged teal.
Hikers may see red-tailed hawks, black-crowned night heron or American coot.
Black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) inhabits fresh, brackish or saline waters with aquatic vegetation for roosting and nesting (del Hoyo et al.
Our best example is the snake with the largest sample of scored marks (n = 15) in which top best matches were attributed to great blue herons (8 times), sandhill crane (4 times), and Black-crowned night heron (3 times).
He invited me on a walk, and soon after we stepped out the door of the center, we came upon a black-crowned night heron standing at the edge of the Lullwater--the watercourse the center faces.