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BLIMPB Lymphocyte-Induced Maturation Protein
BLIMPBoundary Layer Integral Matrix Procedure
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Stretching about as long as a football field, the nine-story hangar is the largest inflatable structure of its kind in North America and will protect the company's new state-of-the-art blimp from the environmental elements.
TARS are static unmanned blimps - giant, stout sausage-shaped balloons that are tethered hundreds of metres from the ground.
I've never seen a plane crash, blimp crash, anything like that.
According to the patent's abstract, the blimps would employ UAVs that behave much like guided bombs to deliver products to customers, "using gravity to propel them downwards at an angle using hardly any energy, adjusting course with just minor aerodynamic shifts", according to a report in (https://www.
It appears that our blimp met its Waterloo in more ways than one, but does not resolve the mystery of where the blimp ended up.
Pentagon officials said they were unsure why the 242-foot-long blimp broke free at 12:20 p.
This is amazing for me to come into my home state and fly the blimp here," says Laverty, a native Oregonian, 2005 graduate of Toledo High School and one of just three female blimp pilots in the world, as she slowly soars 1,500 feet above the Willamette River, Alton Baker Park and the Ferry Street Bridge on the way back to the Eugene Airport.
Before the blimp ride, I was driving around MediaSpike's digitally rendered town, which is empty of activity beyond the movie billboards, the blimp, and a giant display in a vacant town square that's showing the Minions trailer.
Yesterday, the company flew blimps in a bid to prove the turbines would not have any visual impact on the property.
The report said that the blimp can be inflated and launched in 15 minutes and is tough enough to be dropped from a plane into the field.
the operational team has delivered the initial Blimp in a Box (BiB) aerostat system to the Department of Defense (DoD).
All we know for sure is that navy blimp L-8, which Cody and Adams were operating off the California coast, drifted ashore, snagged on a cliff at Ocean Beach, then broke free, dropping one of its depth charges on the Olympic Club golf course and finally crashing in the road in the 400 block of Bellevue Avenue in Daly City, California.