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BLKBlackRock, Inc. (stock symbol; New York, NY)
BLKBeyond Limits Known (sportswear; various locations)
BLKBund Länder Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung (German: Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion; est. 1970)
BLKBlocked Shot (basketball)
BLKBlock Template File
BLKBlocked Kick (football)
BLKBlackpool, England, United Kingdom - Blackpool (Airport Code)
BLKBielska Liga Koszykowki (Polish basketball league)
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Since time is of critical significance in a DCD transplant, we swiftly operated post death determination, as the heart was no longer pumping blood to organs" said Dr Amit Singhal, Associate Director, Liver Transplantation and HPB Anaesthesia at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, who played a pivotal role during the intra-operative and post-operative period.
300 BLK velocity came with the Barnes 90-grain OTFB ammo, averaging 2,704 fps, and the lowest came with Hornady's 208-grain A-Max load, which averaged 1,000 fps.
Mark Holt, commercial director of BLK UK, said: "We're extremely pleased to enter into this partnership - it is a great opportunity for BLK United Kingdom to enter professional football and work with a forward-thinking club.
300 BLK is a lot of fun to shoot, and being chambered in a .
While a relatively new name in northern hemisphere rugby, BLK is a major player in the sports industry.
In addition, BLK engages in sustainable forest management, has a license from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an international forest certification system covering all forest areas.
The 300 BLK is right at home in lengths like this and, properly built, will allow you to seamlessly switch between supersonic and subsonic ammunition.
AxFlow reports that the BLK Hy-clean can be easily integrated into existing production lines as it has a modular design (vertical porting) and compact size.
Overall, BLK have a sound way to illustrate business combinations and consolidations.
Like several other searchers I know, Sylvan and I never found BLK 69, but paddling the main channel, the quiet coves, and through the woods we traced a story that cannot be told by a single tree.
BLK - Beyond Limits Known - has clinched a four-year deal to supply the England Rugby League team with its kit, after bosses invested nearly PS500,000 acquiring its UK licences.