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BLONDTV Term to Describe A 2KW Portable Light
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"I loved my long brown curls, but most mean girls look like this, don't they?" says Ashley as she rifts a thick strand of the fake blond, pinching it between her thumb and index finger.
Nowadays, many career Women, teenagers, celebrities, athletes and every/other fashion daredevil in between are lightening their locks to various shades of blond. And there's about as many shades of blond as there are complexions; there's tawny, beach blond, honey blond, goldilocks, strawberry blond, ash blond, and, of course, the blondest of the blond, platinum.
official who worked closely with Shackley: He described the subject of Blond Ghost as "an amoral man, interested in nothing other than himself." This view syncs perfectly with the book's portrayal.
Mattel commissioned the work to Phillipe and David Blond of the label 'The Blonds,' who have expressed their adoration for the doll ever since their label was born in 2007.
Her incarnation of the princess recalls the character in "Beautiful," 1999, a series of fifty-two photographs of Tandberg's face hidden behind the billowing tentacles of yet another bad blond wig.
BLOND LEADING THE BLOND Drag star Marcia, main picture, and right, from top, Jamie Baulch and Iwan Thomas, Christian Malcolm, Simon Easterby and Scott Quinnell.
Witness to the League of Blond Hip Hop Dancers, a debut fiction collection from Donna Allegra, takes the reader inside competitive New York studios in the title novella, where "the dance class is the hottest game in town for a gay gal." The author nails her lesbian characters and the dance addicts, but what's flesh is the mingling of scenes.
Blondes are dumb and they lose even more of their precious brain matter if they pour a bottle of peroxide over their heads.
Given that the rate of 'blonde-producing' mutations is probably the same in both males and females, and that men can potentially produce far more offspring than women, the spread of 'blondness' may be more attributable to blond men than blonde women.
"We find that when women with dark hair work here, they are surrounded by all these beautiful blonds, so eventually they end up going blond too," added Pukiene.
LENIN would have recognised so-called "Red Tory" Phillip Blond as a useful idiot.
Balanced, subtle, and fresh, this is the go-to colour for blondes who want to try a shade of brunette before they take the final plunge.