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BLDBreakfast Lunch Dinner
BLDBig League Dreams (recreational sports facility; various locations)
BLDBukas-Loob Sa Diyos (Filipino: Open In Spirit To God)
BLDBulgarian Land Development (real estate company)
BLDBASIC Bload Graphics (File Name Extension)
BLDBlack Lawyers Directory (UK)
BLDBibliothèque-Lecture-Développement (French: Reading Development Library; Senegal)
BLDBelow Limit of Detection
BLDBlue Lambency Downward (Kayo Dot music album)
BLDBaseline Design
BLDBangladesh Legal Decisions
BLDBanana Leaf Dressing
BLDBad Life Decision
BLDBorder Line Detonation (spark ignited internal combustion engine)
BLDBoolean Logic Diagram
BLDBase Listing Document
BLDBig Liver Disease (visceral lymphomatosis, avian leukosis complex)
BLDBachelor of Landscape Design
BLDBeam Limiting Device (radiation)
BLDBlue Laser Diode
BLDBusiness Leadership Development (various organizations)
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The week has been branded by Twentieth Century Fox to mark the release of film Legally Blonde, starring actress Reese Witherspoon, who sets out to prove you can be blonde AND brainy.
When Franz turns up, he and Coppelius quaff champagne while poring over multiple images of the blonde bombshell that begin to explode into real life in the manner of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Starbucks Blonde Roast is available in Starbucks stores and where customers buy groceries.
To this day, Marilyn Monroe remains the ultimate blonde, her platinum waves became her trademark and turned her into the world's most coveted sex symbol.
The urge to be blonde may also be driven by deep evolutionary history beginning many millennia ago when light shades first appeared on women's manes, allowing them to turn the heads of potential mates.
GOOD QUALITY MEAT British Blonde cattle beef is now being stocked by Marks & Spencer after analysis
The broadcaster, aged 47, said "being blonde means never saying you don't understand unless you want to be predictable.
Without people knowing anything about you, it's just one of those labels that comes with having blonde hair.
What I got was more the bleach blonde of Madonna and Pamela Anderson, left, than the sun-kissed look I was hoping for.
JOHN MULLINS is looking forward to taking the wraps off Blonde Dino, Blonde Jeannie and Toosey Blue atWimbledon's trial session this morning, writes Richard Birch.
Sarah Stone-Barrett, 23, recruitment consultant, of Newcastle: I normally drink lager so it's definitely the blonde one.