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BLUFORBlue Forces
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The blue force pilot's eyes widened as he saw the "King Kong" of Red Flag converging quickly on his F-16 Fighting Falcon at 30,000 feet.
The Army is seeking improved satellite communications protocols, low cost terminals and antennas to support blue force tracking improvements.
Blue force vehicles equipped with FBCB2 easily can be tracked in real time.
During a raging sandstorm on the first day of battle, when no airplanes could fly, the Blue Force had to rely solely on the FBCB2 for tactical information.
The Blue Force is having trouble making the breach.
All they can say is that the Blue Force has had some problems, and they're delaying their support.
For breaches like this, some of the Blue Force is equipped with the Grizzly--a burly vehicle that can defeat complex obstacles, such as minefields, wire entanglements and ditches.
At the end of the day, the official result is that the Blue Force has "reached its training objectives." The 3-67 got two companies through a tough obstacle belt that the Op For built.
The Blue force fighting Nair consists of three corps-size units, two Air Force expeditionary force packages, five aircraft carriers (four American and one British) and three battalions of special operations forces.
The Blue force in Sumesia consists of two Army brigades and two Marine expeditionary brigades.
Lyle Bien, who played the role of joint commander of the Sumesia Blue force.
The Red Sumesia force employed classic guerilla-style warfare that "stressed" the joint Blue force, said retired Marine Col.