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Aloha United Way of Hawaii recently approached Blue Jay Wireless Hawaii and proposed a tandem financial contribution to support their upcoming efforts to give a waterproof zipper pouch to those that are literally homeless, without the assistance of a shelter, during the upcoming 2017 state-wide Point in Time Counts/Surveys (PITS).
Alomar, who became the third Puerto Rican player to be inducted after Orlando Cepeda and Roberto Clemente, gave the first part of his speech in Spanish to honor his roots and then singled out his years in Toronto with the Blue Jays.
Toms: Realignment is a Must for the Blue Jays (
The adult characters listen to Blue Jay Girl's troubles and respond not with ready-made solutions but with words of love that make room for a child's important questions.
Bold, raucous and clever birds, blue jays are members of the crow family, Corvidae.
To the Editor: Corvids (crows, blue jays, magpies, and their relatives) are particularly susceptible to West Nile virus (WNV) (1).
I even get a kick out of a blue jay that bullies the other birds.
This gesture toward the exacting representation of nature was matched by two more, a pair of cast stones and a stuffed blue jay, together an abbreviated catalogue of the means of traditional sculpture (modeling, molding) plus one newcomer: taxidermy.
He prides himself on having brought baseball to Toronto and for his role in helping to build the SkyDome, accomplishments that prompted Toronto Life magazine to nickname him "Captain Toronto." A query about a ceramic blue jay on Godfrey's desk jump-starts a conversation about baseball.
on 25 June 1990, a fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) was observed carrying the body of a juvenile blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata) across the campus of Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas.
Blue Jay Wireless has served as the entertainment sponsor for Make-A-Wish North Texas' Delicious Wishes event that included the Blue Jay team, the company said.