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BNSBurns (Amtrak station code; Burns, OR)
BNSBank of Nova Scotia
BNSBinary Neutron Star (astronomy)
BNSBroadcast Network Systems
BNSBasic Network Services
BNSBackbone Node Subsystems
BNSBroadcast Network Server
BNSBusiness Network Solutions
BNSBanque Nationale Suisse (French: Swiss National Bank)
BNSBeef Noodle Soup
BNSBusiness Network Solutions (various locations)
BNSBaltic News Service
BNSBlitz-Nick-Salaam (seizures)
BNSBluenose (fish species)
BNSBoy's National School (Ireland)
BNSBilled Number Screening
BNSBusiness Network Systems
BNSBirmingham New Street (UK rail station)
BNSBusiness Network Switzerland (foreign trade publication)
BNSBackbone Network Service
BNSBachelor of Nursing Science
BNSBreakneck Speed (Rock Band; gaming)
BNSBinary Number System
BNSBroadband Network Service
BNSBeni Suef (Egyptian automobile license plate)
BNSBarinas, Venezuela - Barinas (Airport Code)
BNSBrevet National de Secouriste (French: National First Aid Certificate)
BNSBischof Neumann Schule
BNSBilateral Nerve-Sparing
BNSBureau de Normalisation de la Siderurgie (France)
BNSBachelor of Naval Science
BNSBeaver and Steve (web comic)
BNSBefriending Network Scotland
BNSBallet Nautique de Strasbourg (French: Water Ballet of Strasbourg; Strasbourg, France)
BNSBrand New Stars (band)
BNSBomb Navigation System
BNSBond van Nederlandse Stedebouwkundigen (Dutch: Dutch Association of Urban Designers)
BNSBacon Numerical System
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San Francisco-based Bluenose was established as a company in late 2012 and released its first product in December 2013.
Bluenose is division of Wheels Group, of Mississauga, Ontario.
Des analyses genetiques et spatiales suggerent que ce que l'on a decrit precedemment comme le troupeau de caribous des toundras Bluenose (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus) est en fait compose de trois populations distinctes.
The first Bluenose had an unbeaten record in the hotly contested International Fishermen's Races between schooners from Nova Scotia and New England.
A senior official of Bluenose said the company has cancelled its plans.
It should do - the words came out of that bluenose, opinionated hole in your face you call a mouth.
Beaten by a Bluenose Nathanial Mendez-Laing bagged a deadly double to see off Villa and how the winger enjoyed his moment in the spotlight.
As a bluenose his heroic FA Cup performance robbed us off our Wembley triumph and I don't think we will ever get a chance again.
The lifelong Bluenose was invited on to the pitch at half-time by Rangers during the final game of last season against Hearts.
Credit to Jack Rodwell and Leighton Baines too for turning up to receive deserved awards for Young Player and Player of the Year Awards, courtesy of Bluenose promotions.