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BODEBhattacharyya Optical Decoy Evaluation
BODEBMI (Body Mass Index), Obstruction, Dyspnea, Exercise Capacity (health index)
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After he worked in Paris, Bode decided to do an MA in Enterprise and Management of Creative Arts at a university in Los Angeles.
In a new study, researchers aimed to determine if patients selected as transplant candidates have a better survival rate than the BODE score indicates.
The Bode has one of the world's largest coin collections with more than 540,000 items.
The coin in question was loaned to the Bode Museum from a private collection in December 2010.
The three multidimensional assessment systems, BODE, ADO, and DOSE indices were calculated from the data obtained.
Although Bode was a university administrator, he served the laboratory school and the Eight-Year Study by pointing out aspects of their aims that progressive educators had overlooked.
Through our strong support of rescue efforts across the country, we can provide a second chance for so many animals that need a forever home while helping children build self-confidence through storytimes and interactions with Bode.
SUPERSUB Daniel Bode (right) after goals last night
Following completion, Bode Technology Group is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of LabCorp.
Bode, Managing Partner of ROCK Commercial Real Estate joined the York Traditions Bank board in June.
Besides Bode (lead vocals, guitar), the lineup consists of Emily Miller (lead vocals, fiddle, guitar), Ryan Hommel (electric guitar), Jesse Milnes (fiddle, finger picking guitar, harmony vocals), and Stefan Amidon (drums and bass vocals).
San Jose, the assets of San Francisco-based Bode Concrete LLC and Bode Gravel Co.