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But a cheetah wasn't the previous record holder in this category: That honor went to the Australian tiger beetle, which can cover 171 body lengths per second.
REMUS (length: 1.6 meters) Turning radius: 2.9 body lengths traveling at 0.5 body lengths per second (0.8 meters per second)
macropalpis moves 322 body lengths per second and is now by far the fastest land animal in terms of speed for its size.
Some fish can swim up to 10 body lengths per second.
For example: A biologist would describe a jellyfish's swimming speed as 5 body lengths per second. And a bush baby might be said to leap 75 body lengths.
Using a high speed video microscope mounted on an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), researchers have found that copepods can swim at speeds of 500 body lengths per second. By comparison, a cheetah would have to run 2,000 miles per hour to attain the same relative speed.
Copepods can shoot away from danger at about 500 body lengths per second-far faster, relatively, than a cheetah, which runs about 20 to 30 body lengths per second. The tiny crustaceans, only a millimeter or two long, cover much less distance.