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BOGSBoard of Graduate Studies (UK)
BOGSBritish Organic Geochemical Society (UK)
BOGSBusiness Opportunities in the Government Sector (Wisconsin)
BOGSBank of Greece Securities Settlement System
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Tracle, me darlint, and I wish I may be drownthed dead in a bog, if it's not mesilf, Sir Pathrick O'Grandison, Barronitt, that'll make a houl bushel o' love to yur leddyship, in the twinkling o' the eye of a Londonderry purraty."
While I am in this unsettled frame of mind, my pony approaches a dim, black, winding line, where the bog must be crossed for the hundredth time at least.
Sand being blown over it by the winds gave it the appearance of solid ground, whereas it was a bog.
The second act opened before Philly Doyle's underground still, with Peggy and her battered donkey come in to smuggle a load of potheen across the bog, and to bring Philly word of what was doing in the world without, and of what was happening along the roadsides and ditches with the first gleam of fine weather.
I watched him striding along, through bog and brier, tapping with his stick, until he turned the end of a hill and disappeared in the next hollow.
Beyond this flood a frozen Continent Lies dark and wilde, beat with perpetual storms Of Whirlwind and dire Hail, which on firm land Thaws not, but gathers heap, and ruin seems Of ancient pile; all else deep snow and ice, A gulf profound as that SERBONIAN Bog Betwixt DAMIATA and mount CASIUS old, Where Armies whole have sunk: the parching Air Burns frore, and cold performs th' effect of Fire.
It's like jumping from one bog to another, all through a swamp; borrow of one to pay another, and then borrow of another to pay one,--and these confounded notes falling due before a man has time to smoke a cigar and turn round,--dunning letters and dunning messages,--all scamper and hurry-scurry."
You'll have to seek for her shoes in the bog to-morrow.
Hetty's was a spring-tide beauty; it was the beauty of young frisking things, round-limbed, gambolling, circumventing you by a false air of innocence--the innocence of a young star- browed calf, for example, that, being inclined for a promenade out of bounds, leads you a severe steeplechase over hedge and ditch, and only comes to a stand in the middle of a bog.
PCB chairman Ehsan Mani will chair the meeting, which will be the first one after the approval of the new PCB constitution which has also changed the formation of the BoGs.
The PCB BOG comprises the following, Ehsan Mani (Patron's Nominee), Asad Ali Khan (Patron's Nominee), Lt.
Earlier Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan who is also the Patron of the Pakistan Cricket Board had nominated Ehsan Mani and Asad Ali Khan as members of PCB Board of Governors (BoG), in a notification issued by the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC).