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BLRBusiness & Legal Reports
BLRBureau of Labor Relations (Philippines)
BLRBoucle Locale Radio (French: Wireless Local Loop)
BLRBureau of Land Records (Pennsylvania)
BLRBinary Logistic Regression
BLRBroad-Line Region
BLRBottom Line Records (San Diego, CA)
BLRBase Lending Rate
BLRBourg-la-Reine (French: Town of the Queen; French village)
BLRBinary Language Representation
BLRBig Lazy Robot (visual effects studio; Spain)
BLRBoard Level Reliability (packaging)
BLRBintan Lagoon Resort (Indonesia)
BLRBangalore, India - Hindustan (Airport Code)
BLRBeyond Local Repair
BLRBrowning Lever Rifle (Lever Action Browning Rifles)
BLRBank Loan Rating
BLRBureau of Legislative Research (Arkansas Legislative Council; Little Rock, AR)
BLRBulharská Lidová Republika (Czech: People's Republic of Bulgaria)
BLRBusiness and Legal Resources (Old Saybrook, CT; compliance consultancy)
BLRBlack Labrador Retriever
BLRBoundary Location Register
BLRBalanced Likelihood Ratio
BLRBattery Level Radar (vehicle-mounted radar)
BLRBlock Level Retransmission
BLRBlock Length Register
BLRBlue-Light Radiation
BLRBaseline Requirements Document
BLRBelow Layer Range
BLRBoîte Aux Lettres Rurale (Canada Post)
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As such, the boiler firing operation can be a clear indicator of where mechanical wear is taking place.
Jurado's colleague Master Brewer Lars Larson also choose a Miura LX-200 boiler.
If your boiler is particularly old or has been in the house longer than you've been married, you could be the owner of Britain's Oldest Boiler.
The enhanced lead/lag capabilities of the ModSync system are provided through an easy-to-use touch screen interface, which also provides remote monitoring and text messaging capabilities for quick access to boiler room status; and can be customised to meet multiple boiler room configurations.
Homeowners in England can receive a pounds 400 discount on a new boiler if their existing boiler meets the criteria set out in the scheme.
Replacing the boiler is not the only way to save on your heating bills.
She said the board's regulations could not interfere with the manufacturer's standards for operating the boiler.
This high-efficiency boiler operates with lower flue-gas temperatures, lower flue-gas emissions and reduced fuel consumption by recovering heat that would otherwise be lost up the flue.
To ensure immediate comprehension of the boiler data it presents, MBM uses an intuitive approach to the organization of the data.
The first application would change the backup boiler from the mill's oil boiler to a new biomass boiler, which was purchased last year from Montreal-based company Boralex, according to the report.
has ordered a recovery boiler for its Grande Prairie pulp mill in Alberta, Canada.
Times have changed and industries have evolved throughout the 20th century so that boiler and machinery insurance covers far more than steam boilers.