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The bombardment had ceased as suddenly as it had commenced.
The other members of the tribe now took up the bombardment, using such hard-shelled fruits and dead branches as came within their reach, until Sheeta, goaded to frenzy and snapping at the grass rope, finally succeeded in severing its strands.
And being no stranger to the art of war, I gave him a description of cannons, culverins, muskets, carabines, pistols, bullets, powder, swords, bayonets, battles, sieges, retreats, attacks, undermines, countermines, bombardments, sea fights, ships sunk with a thousand men, twenty thousand killed on each side, dying groans, limbs flying in the air, smoke, noise, confusion, trampling to death under horses' feet, flight, pursuit, victory; fields strewed with carcases, left for food to dogs and wolves and birds of prey; plundering, stripping, ravishing, burning, and destroying.
The subject of the public contract will be furnished for the preparation of films for TEM and SEM samples for EBSD and using ion bombardment, which will be used in the laboratory RTI especially for materials research.
Although the Moon is located far from Vesta, which is in the main asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, they seem to share some of the same bombardment history," Pendleton added.
The first 11 chapters explore the context and issues related to information bombardment.
Reconstructions of the early solar system peg the bombardment as beginning about 4.
JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN * Late April aerial bombardments, ground-force skirmishes and especially the increasingly hostile rhetoric of the leaders of Sudan and South Sudan had religious leaders worried about the possibility of all-out war.
The bombardment in Arauca, near Colombia's border with Venezuela, came in the same region where 11 government soldiers were killed Saturday in an attack blamed on the FARC.
The opposition Local Coordination Committees cited doctors at makeshift hospitals as saying at least 31 people were killed in Homs on Saturday before the lull in bombardment.
Opposition groups and activists reported a "massacre" overnight Friday in Homs, saying more than 200 civilians were killed during a heavy bombardment by regime forces who they said fired tank shells, nail bombs and mortars.
Ramadan said 10 villages in his district have been evacuated due to the bombardment.