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Last time staff contracts were extended was when former chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar took suo motu on the suspension of bone marrow transplants. Afterwards, Cardiac Centre employees were also paid nearly three years of salaries.
While analyzing the Global Bone Marrow Transplant Market, the data experts offer insight into the competitive landscape, as well as the current industry trends, and primary regions wherein the market is concentrated.
Ex-Chairman Chamber of Commerce Bahawalpur Sheikh Abbas Raza told The Nation that building of Bone Marrow Transplant Centre had been completed, but it had been non-operational so far which was a sign of government and administration's negligence.
The new BMT unit will offer world-class facilities to patients with support throughout the treatment from evaluation and preparation to the bone marrow transplant procedure followed by long-term monitoring after the transplant.
Dr Kalban said that the specialised health care services sector at the DHA was undergoing expansion and very soon the Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre located within the Latifa Hospital campus would be performing bone marrow transplants.
One of the major differences between bone marrow transplant and solid organ transplants like liver and kidney is that in BMT we need to match HLA of the patient and the donor.
World Marrow Donor Association is a global volunteer organisation of bone marrow donor records and umbilical cord blood banks, aiming at world co-operation in relation to having a more effective process of finding and delivering allogeneic bone marrow transplants. Through the merging of dozens of donor records and the entry of their data into a central electronic file -- the International Bone Marrow Donor Bank, offers patients from all over the world the ability to look for a compatible donor.
Bone marrow transplant is the curative option and hence the families of the four Sri Lankan children decided to opt for this treatment modality.
The illness means that unable to fight infection and without a bone marrow transplant, they were unlikely to survive past their first year.
Al-Ibrahimi conducted successful bone marrow transplants on 12 Bahraini children in Jordan over the past years -- 2 cases of leukemia, 5 cases of Thalassemia, 1 case of bone marrow failure syndrome, 1 case of Bone marrow fibrosis, 1 case of Gideak Hakashy Syndrome and one case of Autologous bone marrow transplant.
About ten thousand patients 50% of which are children need bone marrow transplant every year.
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