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The associations between bone mineral density and social strain and social activity were found after the researchers adjusted for age, education, existing health conditions, weight, smoking status, alcohol use, hormone therapy use, age at menopause, physical activity and history of fracture after age 55.
Table-III: Comparison of bone mineral density between subjects in the two groups.
Gender, age, disease duration, bone mineral density, DAS28-ESR, and the titers of RF and ACPA were evaluated.
Researchers calculated bone mineral density for 3 places--the whole body, lumbar (lower) spine, and femoral neck (top of thigh bone) (Figure 1).
Conclusion: The mean bone mineral density at spine was found to be lower in patients with chronic low back pain.
Conclusion: Vitamin D deficiency did not have any direct impact on bone mineral density and serum calcium, phosphorous and alkaline phosphatase.
QCT method found, as previously shown, more cases with abnormal bone mineral density values compared to DXA (Table 3).
For both boys and girls, the GRS for later puberty associated with lower bone mineral density in both a longitudinal cohort of 933 individuals who each had up to seven assessments, and in a cross-sectional cohort of 486 individuals.
Previous trials have shown that denosumab increased bone mineral density in women previously treated with oral bisphosphonates, whereas zoledronic acid did not, in women previously treated with alendronate."
We hypothesized that an increase in muscle strength and preservation of bone mineral density in elderly women occurs with 10 wks of resistance training of moderate intensity.
There was no significant difference in bone mineral density (a measure of bone health) between the groups and it was in a normal range.
The school pupils' bone mineral density was analysed along with their height, weight and details of their lifestyles.