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BONESBlock Oriented Network Simulator
BONESBeagles of New England States (est. 2003)
BONESBlock-Oriented Network Simulator
BONESNational Society of Orthopaedic Administrators
BONESBuilding Opportunities for Nurturing and Emotional Support (Massachusetts)
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"Yes, sir--the bones. They'll take a trifle more pounding.
Little Marleen went upstairs and took her best silk handkerchief out of her bottom drawer, and in it she wrapped all the bones from under the table and carried them outside, and all the time she did nothing but weep.
Had Steward commanded him to forego the chicken bone after it was in the corner, he would have served him by foregoing.
The bones of a limb might be shortened and widened to any extent, and become gradually enveloped in thick membrane, so as to serve as a fin; or a webbed foot might have all its bones, or certain bones, lengthened to any extent, and the membrane connecting them increased to any extent, so as to serve as a wing: yet in all this great amount of modification there will be no tendency to alter the framework of bones or the relative connexion of the several parts.
If the woman Unandi and her child had died that day on the veldt, the gardens of my people would not now be a wilderness, and their bones would not lie in the great gulley that is near U'Cetywayo's kraal.
Here and there, in ornamental alcoves, stretched upon beds of bones, lay dead and dried-up monks, with lank frames dressed in the black robes one sees ordinarily upon priests.
And as Tarzan came nearer he saw the bleached skull and bones of a human being about which were remnants of clothing and articles of equipment that, as he examined them, filled the ape-man with curiosity to such an extent that for a time he forgot his own predicament in contemplation of the remarkable story suggested by these mute evidences of a tragedy of a time long past.
"Brother Bones looks very jolly, but I can't say much for his beauty."
They were beasts, fighting over bones, destroying one another for bones.
The drops of moisture trickle among the bones. Come, we will go back ere it is too late.
TWO Dogs who had been fighting for a bone, without advantage to either, referred their dispute to a Sheep.
It was an old bone, which may, according to appearances, have served in other crimes.