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Typically, the bonus is around 23 percent of a Croat's basic salary, which is a gross bonus of around Pound 185 on average.
In 2013, roughly 12 percent of workers received a bonus.
This law also includes bonus and commission payments and considers a bonus to be wages when it is due and owing.
DepEd said the release of the bonus for fiscal year 2015, ranging from P5,000 to P35,000, before the year ended eased worries that teachers would again endure delayed distribution of their well-earned year-end incentive.
According to a survey for Zurich International Life by YouGov, 71 per cent of UAE residents will receive a company bonus during 2015.
Increases in bonuses comes despite both public and political pressure to curb bonuses with Jackson commenting "Despite shareholder and public pressure to limit bonuses and with the EU bonus cap now set to be introduced at the start of 2015, City staff clearly feel that their employers are in the position to reward them well.
This means that if performance targets are met, NR chief executive Mark Carne who is on PS675,000 a year, could get an annual bonus of up to PS135,000.
In most circumstances, the optimal outcome is for the employer to deduct the bonus in the year it is earned, rather than the year it is paid.
Commercial and retail bankers will get bonuses in a range of flat to up 5% but fixed-income traders are likely to face bonus cuts.
Contractual reference does not, contrary to popular belief, mean that a bonus is automatically guaranteed.
The ruling appears to be in response to the IRS' position outlined in Chief Counsel Advice (CCA) 200949040, which concluded that an accrual-method corporation's liability arising from bonus compensation paid to employees pursuant to an incentive compensation plan is taken into account in the year that bonuses are paid.
14, 2011 (CENS) -- Thanks to booming business, traditional industries will mete out year-end bonus much higher than hi-tech industries this year.