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BOOMERFleet Ballistic Missile Submarine
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However, compared with boomers, millennials face increased pressure on their spending because of student loans and the negative influence of social media.
As consumers age, their taste buds lose their sensitivity, which means a product that might taste flavorful to a millennial might taste dull to a boomer.
Those born in the earliest boomer years and those in the latest boomer years were the least Democratic, while those born from the late 1940s through the mid-1950s were the most Democratic.
Also, you have to prepare the boomer for old age by offering solutions so the boomers' children don't have to take care of the boomers when they're in the nursing home.
While Boomers have grown up in a time where medical advancements have helped to alleviate many conditions and disease states, they are still exhibiting struggles with their health as a more sedentary lifestyle and poor diet habits have taken their toll.
One look at Brad's face told Boomer he had made a very big mistake.
You need to segment and target your boomer members.
The underlying motivations for today's boomer consumers are both natural and as a result of their generation's place in time.
The Greatest Generation gave their boomer children extraordinary economic mobility.
A NEW REPORT FROM THE Society of Actuaries looks at envisioning new retirement systems for the 21st century--systems that could meet the needs of baby boomers as well as all future retirement needs, without generational limitation.
More than one in four Americans today is a boomer, and by 2030, boomers are still projected to be a hefty 20% of the population.