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BCDWBishops' Committee on Divine Worship (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
BCDWBond-Charge-Density Wave
BCDWBootable CD (Compact Disc) Wizard (computer utility)
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Once access is gained the attackers reboot the machine using a bootable CD that installs Tyupkin.
It supports multiple preset shredding methods, can be used to shred individual files, shred free disk space, and can even create a bootable CD or USB for a complete disk wipe.
One thing I find strange about this machine is that it comes with a bootable CD. That would have been great if it came with a CD drive, but the AspireOne doesn't.
Even if your machine hasn't crashed, there's a great reason to have a bootable CD with these utilities.
* Creates a bootable CD or DVD from a bootable floppy disk or from an image on a hard drive, which can be used to start a computer if its operating system becomes damaged
This is a bootable CD that provides tools to allow access to a variety of Windows resources.
The distribution can be used on most computers without harming their contents via a bootable CD, or can be installed to a hard drive as a permanent operating system replacement.
Added features include a graphical audio layout editor; pop, click and hiss removal filters; and bootable CD creation.
The data is restored by rebuilding a Linux client or backup server using just a bootable CD solution.