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BLDRBoulder (lithological term)
BLDRBaskets of Listed Depositary Receipts (investment funds)
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With the coming of night he set forth, and Werper, who had scaled the cliffs alone behind the ape-man's party, and hidden through the day among the rough boulders of the mountain top, slunk stealthily after him.
He had turned for that portion of the forest which abutted on the cliffs, and thus the mad race was taking the entire party farther and farther from the boulder where I lay concealed.
We withdrew behind an adjacent boulder to watch the actions of the little party, which stood huddled at the foot of another huge rock, their backs toward us.
I slipped behind a large boulder near the mouth of the ravine and waited.
The prayer finished, they resumed their seat in the shadow of the boulder until the child fell asleep, nestling upon the broad breast of her protector.
Instead, she sat down on the boulder beside the girl.
Gilbert sat down beside her on the boulder and held out his Mayflowers.
And I sat down on the boulder the good man had just left, and opened the parcel to see the nature of my gifts.
Far below the jagged points of the boulders bristled up, dark and menacing.
He made a striding, clumsy leap on to another boulder, and stopped again, balancing himself, then said--
The glacier streams gather and flow through it in a broad and rushing brook to a narrow cleft between lofty precipices; here the rushing brook becomes a mad torrent and goes booming and thundering down toward Kandersteg, lashing and thrashing its way over and among monster boulders, and hurling chance roots and logs about like straws.
From boulder to boulder he leapt like a buck, he crashed through the brake like a bull, he skimmed the level like a swallow.