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BDABattle Damage Assessment
BDABritish Dental Association
BDABlu-ray Disc Association
BDABundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (German: Confederation of German Employers' Associations)
BDABig Data Analytics (software)
BDABund Deutscher Architekten
BDABundesdenkmalamt Österreich (Austrian Federal Office for the Care of Monuments)
BDABritish Dyslexia Association
BDABritish Dietetic Association
BDABluray Disc Association
BDABroadcast Driver Architecture
BDABritish Deaf Association
BDABorland Database
BDABedienungsanleitung (German: User Manual)
BDABomb Damage Assessment
BDABangalore Development Authority
BDABroadcast Driver Architecture (Microsoft Windows technology that enables tuner drivers for digital reception)
BDABrick Development Association (UK)
BDABi-Directional Amplifier
BDABiotin Dextran Amine
BDABureau des Arts (French: Arts Bureau)
BDABritish Diabetic Association
BDABusiness for Diplomatic Action
BDABusiness Development Associate
BDABiological Data Analysis
BDABiblioteca Digital Andina (Digital Library of the Andean Community website)
BDABlonde d'Aquitaine (cattle breed)
BDABusiness Debtors Anonymous (self-help group)
BDABroadcast Designers Association
BDABrocade Distinguished Architect
BDABallet des Amériques (French: Ballet of the Americas)
BDABouffée Délirante Aiguë (French: Acute Delirium)
BDABachelor of Development Administration
BDABusiness Development Agency
BDABruce Dunlop & Associates (design agency; UK)
BDABensussen Deutsch Associates (German: Bensussen German Associates)
BDABuilding Design Advisor
BDABlack Deaf Advocates
BDABill Duffy Associates (sports management)
BDABulgarian Drug Agency
BDABoulevard des Airs (French band)
BDABlogueurs des Alpes (French: Alps Bloggers)
BDABoston Daily Advertiser (Boston, MA)
BDABattlefield Damage Assessment (less common)
BDABrowning Double Action (semi-automatic pistol)
BDABefore, During, After Operation Checks (US DoD)
BDABruce Davis Associates (design consultancy; UK)
BDABoulder Digital Arts (Boulder, CO)
BDABermuda/Hamilton, Bermuda - Kindley Airfield/Civil Air Terminal (Airport Code)
BDABritish Deming Association
BDABackup Drive Amplifier
BDABattle Dress Attire (Philippines)
BDABlack Dragon Army (World of Warcraft)
BDABig Dumb Alien
BDABeclomethasone Dipropionate Aerosol (aerosol treatment for chronic asthma)
BDABig Dumb Agency
BDABig Dumb Animal
BDABritish Decorators Association
BDABeth Din of America
BDABlog des Avignonnais (French: Blog of Avignon; Avignon, France)
BDABibliothèque Départementale de l'Aude (French: Aude County Library; Aude, France)
BDABlast Danger Area
BDABase de Données Avancées (French: Advanced Database)
BDABoom Drogue Adapter (aerial refueling)
BDABank Draft Authorization
BDABachelor of Dramatic Art
BDABermuda Tracking Station (NASA STDN)
BDABalanced Degree Allocation
BDABenzophenone Dicarboxylic Acid
BDABelgian Driving Association
BDABarbados Draughts Association
BDABeneficiary Designation Account (inherited IRA account)
BDABusiness Domain Architecture
BDABerufsverband Deutscher Anästhesisten eV
BDABroadband Distribution Amplifier
BDABrigade Design Analysis
BDABlatant Display of Affection
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The characteristic radiographic features include: (i) delayed epiphyseal ossification and irregular metaphyses of the long bones with small capital femoral epiphyses, short femoral necks and irregular, flared metaphyseal borders, and small pelvis and poorly modelled acetabulae with irregular margins that may be sclerotic, especially in older individuals; (ii) significant brachydactyly, particularly short metacarpals and phalanges with irregular metaphyses and small, irregular carpal bones; and (iii) anterior beaking or tonguing of the vertebral bodies, biconvex vertebral endplates, and platyspondyly in childhood.
The clinical features of SED, Pakistany type, include short stature evident at birth; short, bowed lower limbs; a mild, generalized brachydactyly, kyphoscoliosis, an abnormal gait, and early-onset degenerative joint disease in the hands and knees.
These include for instance, digit defects like polydactyly, syndactyly, brachydactyly, etc.
MDL usually presents at birth and may be associated with anomalies like syndactyly, polydactyly, brachydactyly, or clinodactyly.
On the day of admission, there were no abnormal findings in the physical examination, especially no brachydactyly and subcutaneous calcification.
Frequent signs are hypoplastic/absent nipples scapular anomaly absent pectoral muscles brachydactyly (short fingers) dextrocardia diaphragmatic hernia/defect syndactyly of fingers (webbing) ulna absent /abnormal upper limb asymmetry and abnormal rib.