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BRAINBroadband Radio Access for IP-based Networks
BRAINBerlin Research Area Information Network
BRAINBiotechnology Research and Information Network AG (Germany)
BRAINBrent Resource and Information Network (community resource; UK)
BRAINBasic Research in Adaptive Intelligence and Neurocomputing
BRAINBroadband Radio Access Integrated Network
BRAINBerger Research and Information Network
BRAINBlack Racial Attacks Independent Network (London, England, UK)
BRAINBasics, Repeat, Avoid, Inspire, Never (The Laws of Simplicity; John Maeda book)
BRAINBEST (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology) Robotics Artificial Intelligence Node (Sherman, Texas)
BRAINBureau de Recherche d'Affaires et d'Informations de Namur (French: Bureau of Business Research and Information of Namur; Namur, Belgium)
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I mean that, in attempting to state the PROXIMATE cause of the present event, some past event or events must be included, unless we take refuge in hypothetical modifications of brain structure.
The same stimulus will not produce the same recollection in another man who did not share your former experience, although the former experience left no OBSERVABLE traces in the structure of the brain.
I ran the liquor down and joyed as the maggots mounted in my brain.
The heart does not more love the heart that loves it than the brain loves the brain that comprehends it; and, whatever else was to befall us, Nicolete and I were already in love with each other's brains.
It is only your brain that makes you superior to the banth, but your brain is bound by the limitations of your body.
The gentleman is excused," said the Judge, handing back the certificate to the person who had brought it, "he has a brain.
Schneider frowns ever more and more and shakes his head; he hints that the brain is fatally injured; he does not as yet declare that his patient is incurable, but he allows himself to express the gravest fears.
Brain is rather older than Bulmer, but I fancy they shared a good many secrets.
If you only had brains in your head you would be as good a man as any of them, and a better man than some of them.
Well, that may be true," agreed Margolotte; "but, on the contrary, a servant with too much brains is sure to become independent and high- and-mighty and feel above her work.
Nevertheless," interrupted the Tin Woodman, "a good heart is, I believe, much more desirable than education or brains.
In the case of a small Sperm Whale the brains are accounted a fine dish.