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BRNBrunei (ISO Country code)
BRNBerne, Switzerland - Belp (Airport Code)
BRNBoard of Registered Nursing
BRNBusiness Referral Network (various locations)
BRNBig Results Now (Tanzania)
BRNBott Radio Network
BRNBranch Never
BRNBulk Richardson Number (meteorology)
BRNBusiness Registration Number
BRNBranch Line (railroad)
BRNBusiness Ready Networks
BRNBastille-République-Nations (French political publication)
BRNBelgian Recycle Network
BRNBéton Rationnel Normand (French concrete company)
BRNBlack Router Network
BRNBackbone Relay Network
BRNBordereau de Références Nominatives (French: Statement of Registered References; finance)
BRNBubba Radio Network, Inc
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Kev Adlam, from the Branch Line Society, said: "I'd like to thank all our members for their generosity, who came from as far and wide as Jersey and the Isle of Man to show their support and to Merseyrail for helping to make this happen.
Neil McShane, AV Dawson head of rail operations and safety, added: "We're grateful for the support of the Branch Line Society and Reid Freight who helped make this incredible event a reality, which will now help us to make a big difference in our local community.
A winner over 7f on debut at Roscommon last year, Branch Line had failed to notch another success between that maiden win and his Limerick victory, but Slattery believes now is the time the son of Rip Van Winkle will begin to fulfil his potential.
The mainline south, meanwhile, referred to Manila to Legaspi City, including the branch line from Calamba to Batangas City, it said.
Chan, "Multifolded bandwidth branch line coupler with filtering characteristic using coupled port feeding," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Fractal space filling shapes like Sierpinski curve has been used to design miniaturized branch line hybrid, rat race couplers and coupled line hybrids as reported in [3].
He said that there are several projects and the cost of the branch line depends on the length and the route.
The rural branch line did much to transform rural Wales, even if, like the Pontypool and Coleford, its passenger traffic was limited, because it put rural areas in greater contact with the wider world, and in many cases stimulated the agricultural economy.
There are now five types of tactile signals on lifelines: directional cones (which indicate the direction to go outby), a coil to indicate a refuge chamber, two sets of double cones to indicate a self-contained, self-rescuer (SCSR) cache, two directional cones in a row to indicate a branch line, and a ball to indicate a personnel door.
However, the popular realization using microstrip in the form of a branch line coupler is only suitable for applications with narrow bandwidth.
The collapse of the railways after the Second World War put the branch line under threat.
The train also travelled to Llandudno, making a rare detour along the branch line to the resort before continuing to Holyhead.