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BNWBrave New World (Aldous Huxley novel)
BNWBlack and White
BNWBrave New World (Iron Maiden album)
BNWBiafra Nigeria World (magazine)
BNWBildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft (German: Educational Institute of Lower Saxony's Economy; Lower Saxony, Germany)
BNWBattlefield Nuclear Warfare
BNWBattlefield Nuclear Weapons
BNWBattalion Nuclear Warfare
BNWBolt, Nut and Washer
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John Savage's sojourn in the brave new world is the reverse of Barnstaple's in Wells's allegedly perfect society.
People in the Brave New World were conditioned to believe that happiness was the supreme good; if they took to believing that the goal was somewhere beyond, confusion and dissension would result.
The point is that in our brave new world we will have to be in control unlike we have ever been before.
It is a brave new world and something British athletes will have to get used to.
The imaginative, transformative power of theater is uniquely qualified to be a central vehicle in the public square for collective examination of these thorny issues and for the proffering of an egalitarian vision of a brave new world where glimpses of what could and ought to be can be seen.
It was our super-fast, super-efficient spell-check system that first got me thinking about the perils of working without a net in this brave new world.
Ethics for a Brave New World appears in its second updated, expanded edition to include the latest research and new material on stem cell research, and has been updated to include ethical insights on homosexuality and genetic engineering.
If you recall, last year the manager labeled his budget proposals for the city as "Adapting to a Brave New World," which meant residents would have to get used to significant reductions in services and quality of life.
What happened to the brave new world those young men and women died for?
For example, the nine-page chapter on education refers to the following Huxley tides, some more than once: Along The Road, Antic Hay, The Perennial Philosophy, Crome Yellow, Point Counter Point, Time Must Have A Stop, Music At Night, Ends And Means, Proper Studies, Texts And Pretexts, After Many A Summer, Brave New World, and Island.
The eight bodies in Dupont's Them (all works 2005) mill about on a white, waist-high pedestal in a casual tableau, several of them standing like kouroi, a nod to the classical past in the midst of this brave new world.