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BRÅBrottsförebyggande Rådet (Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention)
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These were that Lord John had found himself some years before in that no-man's-land which is formed by the half-defined frontiers between Peru, Brazil, and Columbia.
I have come home rather in a hurry because I've decided to go to Brazil.
This mission to Brazil of which you speak--it can have no great importance.
Suppose the United States disposes of its surplus to a country with undeveloped resources like, say, Brazil.
When South America, that is to say, Peru, Chili, Brazil, the provinces of La Plata and Columbia, had poured forth their quota into their hands, the sum of $300,000, it found itself in possession of a considerable capital, of which the following is a statement:
But in the caves of Brazil, there are many extinct species which are closely allied in size and in other characters to the species still living in South America; and some of these fossils may be the actual progenitors of living species.
Along the whole coast of Brazil, for a length of at least
On the oranges was the equally clear and exact description, "Finest Brazil nuts, 4d.
But people knew better; he never returned from that Brazil expedition--never died there--never lived there--never was there at all.
I knew that all the ships from Europe, which sailed either to the coast of Guinea or to Brazil, or to the East Indies, made this cape, or those islands; and, in a word, I put the whole of my fortune upon this single point, either that I must meet with some ship or must perish.
We told him nothing, but we paid him well, and he was to get something handsome if we reached our vessel, the Esmeralda, at Gravesend, outward bound for the Brazils.
I was as much a stranger in it, in my thoughts, as I was in the Brazils, when I first went on shore there; and as much alone, except for the assistance of servants, as I was in my island.