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BKGBooking (reservations; various companies)
BKGBackground File
BKGBruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik (German science and technology company)
BKGBeta Kappa Gamma (fraternity)
BKGBundesamt für Kartographieund Geodäsie (German: Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy)
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The current study begins by identifying publicly traded firms that disclose both gift card breakage as well as gift card breakage policy.
Gift card breakage is a derivative of gift card programs, representing "that portion of gift card balances that consumers fail to redeem for merchandise" (Kile & Wall, 2008, p.
On the other hands, due to the frequency dependence of attenuation (high attenuation factor for high frequency components) , number of high frequency AE due to fiber breakage (550-650kHz) is drastically reduced for the results of 20 and 30 mm propagation lentgh (Fig.
Through extensive research, Goody identified hair breakage while brushing hair as a primary concern for women.
Hence, the company expects to have total gift card redemptions of $2,160 ($2,400 x 90%) and estimated breakage of $240 ($2,400 x 10%).
For women of color, hair length is a badge of honor but a frustration to achieve, as damaged hair challenges its growth and breakage threatens her ability to proudly shine," said Jefferson.
Breakage per cent and entrance mechanical damages of seeds are one of important parameters in evaluating system and transferring seed.
Depending on the variety, breakage levels for this product, when handled within the sorting process, can be up to 10 percent.
Breakage revenue is unmatched by cost of sales and, therefore, can have a significant impact on the company's financial statements.
Irrespective to the technology available, controls like a frequency-controlled auger fillers retrofitted by the checkweigher, gentle dosing system to avoid granules breakage, inert gas flushing, and induction jars sealing, to list some, are important equipment to bring to the final consumers the same quality designed by the companies.
The new long-fiber breakage feature calculates the resultant fiber length of long-fiber composite materials as a result of breakage during the filling process.