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BKGBooking (reservations; various companies)
BKGBackground File
BKGBruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik (German science and technology company)
BKGBeta Kappa Gamma (fraternity)
BKGBundesamt für Kartographieund Geodäsie (German: Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy)
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The holy grail of natural hair is to avoid breakage and one of the root causes of breakage stems from detangling the hair.
The breakage place was localized immediately, the restoration works are under way, the statement said.
In this paper, the expressions of the compression curve and the critical state line are unified, and an enhanced version of the generalized plasticity model for coarse granular soil considering particle breakage is being proposed.
presented a case of breakage of a third-generation Gamma nail used to treat an unstable trochanteric fracture, which was thought to be mainly due to insufficient reduction of the fracture, leading to nonunion and secondary nail breakage [10].
Moreover, in Section 3, we discuss the compression process and its stage division of caved rocks under the uniaxial confined compression, the behaviors of sample's interior including movement and breakage behaviors along the loading direction, and possible effects for seepage researches of gob and similar medium.
To date, literature has not examined breakage in the context of artificial income smoothing.
It is known that FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) have several fracture modes (Matrix cracking, De-bonding and Fiber breakage) and each mode cause AE with different frequency range (see Figure 1).
The Ouchless Brushes offer a gentle solution that reduces hair breakage for women with all hair types.
Under high speeds and some other operating conditions, in all three cases the tensions engendered become high enough to cause end (yarn) breakage, which makes the processes inefficient and generates significant avoidable waste.
The "best'' way to remove the snow load safely without causing branch breakage to the plant is to leave it alone.
For this reason, accountants have struggled with how to recognize these unredeemed gift cards as "breakage income." Enter the standard setters.
Another launch, the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Breakage line, offers treatment products designed to reduce breakage, restore and revive strands, and support hair growth.