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BkwBreakwater (nautical)
BkwBerne-Knox-Westerlo (Berne, NY; school district)
BkwBig Kahuna Wings (restaurant)
BkwBernische Kraftwerke (German: Bernese Power Plants; Bern, Switzerland)
BkwBelgium Knee Warmers (cycling website)
BkwBKW Farms, Inc. (Marana, AZ)
BkwBent Knee Walker (dolls)
BkwBeckley, WV, USA (Airport Code)
BkwBloody Killing Warlords (Internet game clan)
BkwBreak Kilowatts (energy power)
BkwBobylev-Krook-Wu (method for solving the Boltzmann Equation for a molecular system)
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The breakwater is necessary because Tok Bali faces the South China Sea and is at the mercy of high waves during the monsoon season.
Storm Emma wreaked devastating damage when it hit the marina back in March 2018 wrecking the floating breakwater, ripping up pontoons and damaging around 80 boats, of which several sank.
The north breakwater has also reached its completed length and, to date, 240,000m3 of material has been laid below the water's surface for the south breakwater, which will soon become visible.
This means that unlike conventional cubic blocks, Cubipods have no flat surfaces that can adhere to each other, eliminating the danger that a breakwater will compact at the bottom and open up at the top.
The North Breakwater will soon reach its final length of 640 meters and will be rounded off before more accropodes are placed along its length.
Humber Coastguard, the RNLI and Cleveland Police, the North East Ambulance Service and the Great North Air Ambulance were involved in the operation at South Gare breakwater, north of Redcar, on Saturday morning.
Lambino said that only around P5 billion had been released so far and this was used to build a breakwater in the Port of Irene.
The biggest Iranian warship in the Caspian Sea smashed into a breakwater last week, suffering major damage and losing six men overboard, two of whom are still missing.
For example, Michailides and Angelides [9] proposed a flexible floating breakwater. Each breakwater has several hinged floating modules, through whose relative motion the wave energy can be captured.
AFTER a weekend that saw six people die in stormy weather on Britain's coasts, two teenagers are seen risking their lives as huge waves batter a breakwater.