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BREDBusiness, Research and Economic Development
BREDBanque Régionale d'Escompte et de Dépôt (French bank)
BREDBuilder Remote Entry Database (US DoD)
BREDBachelor of Religious Education (also seen as BRE)
BREDBusiness-Driven Requirements Engineering and Design
BREDBaton Rouge Earth Day (environmental education; Louisiana)
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When Andrew Christie was breeding his unique, cold-hardy strain of New Hampshires in the 1920s, he kept his birds in pasture shelters through harsh New England winters and bred only the hardiest.
I have worked hard on my sheep and their bloodlines; Whistler was bred from a home bred ewe using A.
Eastern Spadefoots bred (oviposited) 26 times, 1-3 times per year, during 12 of 17 years (70.
Only dogs can be bred with such ariation in so little time, which's probably why hunters who first solated and selectively bred our modern retrievers didn't just subtly alter existing breeds.
INCOMERS: The McTurks brought Cheviots from south-west Scotland in 1855 to the Cnewr Estate, Powys, and from them bred Brecknock Hill Cheviots; HERDWICKS: Some 30% of the breed was lost to foot-and-mouth in 2001; SOUTH WALES MOUNTAIN: This breed does well on mining polluted land; VIKING: AHerdwick ram.
3 : to bring up : train <I was born and bred in this town.
In the past few hundred years, they have bred the species into roughly 400 varieties.
Both Dorper and Rambouillet have evolved under extensively dry conditions, while Dorset and Katahdin have been bred in more favorable environments.
These dogs were bred as "pit fighters"--dogs that fight other dogs--and account for a large percentage of dog bites.
Horses are being bred for offspring that are suited to survive in a hostile environment.