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While there was no attack involved, the positioning of friendly forces within the crossing area and bridgehead could have dealt with any threat.
He clings to the shore, establishes a bridgehead and advances to enlarge it.
The acquired business, which will now be known as GfK Bridgehead, is a market access consultancy that serves global companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries.
Explaining the new venture in context, Lars Pampel, Chief Executive Officer of Bridgehead Administration Ltd and Director of Investor Relations (Alternative Investments) at Royal Investment Bank Ltd, said that improving market visibility and raising capital in the Middle East has always been difficult, even for a large number of 'best of breed' funds.
Regional cheese supplier Bridgehead Food Partners is to take on the likes of Cathedral City and Babybel with the launch of a new range of on-the-go adult snacking cheeses.
BridgeHead Software has won a contract to provide data back up and protection solutions to support The London Clinic, the UK-based independently owned non-profit hospital, transition to a brand new, interoperable IT infrastructure.
In addition to the activities of Petrol Ofisi, the gas-fired power plant in Samsun (under construction) and the Nabucco gas pipeline project, Turkey represents a strategic bridgehead to the resource-rich Caspian Region and the Middle East.
In March 1945, the battalion supported the capture of the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen, Germany, providing the close fire support that proved instrumental in holding the bridgehead.
JLR is negotiating with large state-controlled vehicle makers and with Chinese regions to find the best bridgehead into the market.
BridgeHead Software and Dell are offering hospitals a new way to store their medical and administrative data: in a centralised repository, within a robust, protected, intelligent enterprise storage environment.
The loss of the bridge was regrettable, but army engineers had already erected pontoon bridges, and the bridgehead kept expanding.
A philosopher of science who studied under Karl Popper in Britain, he considers such matters as whether science is a rational enterprise, ideas and experiments in science, why to invent alternatives to unrefuted theories, realism and surrealism about science, Popper's critical realism, Einstein's influence on philosophy, Russell on mathematics as a bridgehead against skeptics, and whether theological notions are explanatory.