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BFGBig Friendly Giant (Roald Dahl book)
BFGBundesanstalt für Gewaesserkunde (Germany: Federal Institute of Hydrology)
BFGBoot Failure Guard
BFGBattlefleet Gothic (game)
BFGBound for Glory (wrestling)
BFGBound for Glory (band)
BFGBank Für Gemeinwirtschaft (Germany)
BFGBritish Forces Germany
BFGBio Force Gun (Doom movie)
BFGBund Für Geistesfreiheit (German)
BFGBest Friend's Girlfriend
BFGBest for Gaming
BFGBig Freaking Gun (polite form)
BFGBlue Fire Group (Denver, CO)
BFGBig Fat Grin
BFGBible Fellowship Group
BFGBig Fat Guy
BFGBlast Field Generator
BFGBangor Forest Garden (Wales, UK)
BFGBasic Food Group
BFGBerkeley Frisbee Group
BFGBF Goodrich Corporation (Benjamin Franklin Goodrich)
BFGBeat-Frequency Generator
BFGBinary Frequency Generator
BFGBig Freakin' Guitar (polite form)
BFGBig Freakin' Grin (polite form)
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Are the parties likely to seek extensions of their own briefing schedules, thereby extending the amicus briefing schedule, or is the briefing going to occur on a regular or expedited basis?
The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is the greatest briefing tool that I have seen in 30 years of working these types of projects," says Ron Carr, ACC's Computer-Based Training manager and command BRI expert.
This combination of ease of use and decreasing cost, along with the fact that CD-ROM briefs enhance appellate arguments, leaves one conclusion: CD-ROMs are the briefing of the future.
When it is impossible to brief the IMS orally, the SAO will develop a written pre-departure briefing package for delivery to the IMS.
The retention issues addressed in this Briefing are not directed at specific retention periods for varying categories of records, but rather the general concern with records that are received or transferred as the result of a merger or acquisition action.
Reuters Business Briefing provides the ideal platform on which to display WEFA's comprehensive collection of analyses and forecast products," said William A.
The briefing is scheduled to start "between 3 and 4" o'clock.
com's years of expertise, Briefing Advisor fills an information void in today's marketplace by combining independent, market analysis and commentary written specifically for the non-professional, individual investor audience.
However, as conference facilitator, I found it a bit challenging to entertain a multi-national audience between briefings.
Our new suite of innovative services is far superior to any other service in today's marketplace," said Dick Green, CEO and Chairman of Briefing.