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BDCBottom Dead Center
BDCBusiness Data Catalog (Microsoft programming application)
BDCBusiness Development Bank of Canada
BDCBackup Domain Controller
BDCBusiness Development Company
BDCBanque de Développement du Canada
BDCBusiness Development Center
BDCBullet Drop Compensator
BDCBaltimore Development Corporation (Baltimore, MD)
BDCBritish Drift Championship (motorsports; UK)
BDCBentley Drivers Club (various locations)
BDCBanco de Desarrollo del Caribe (Spanish: Carribean Development Bank)
BDCBerufsverband Deutscher Chirurgen (German Association of Practicing Surgeons)
BDCBatch Data Communication
BDCBureau de Change (French: Currency Exchange)
BDCBoulder Daily Camera (newspaper; Boulder, CO)
BDCBritish Dance Council
BDCBlock Down Converter (frequency)
BDCBusiness Development Council (AMSEC)
BDCBomb Data Center (US FBI)
BDCBaseline Data Collection
BDCBase de Connaissance (French: Knowledge Base)
BDCblood donor center (US DoD)
BDCBackgrounds Data Center
BDCBig Daddy Cool
BDCBâtiment de Débarquement de Chars (French: Landing Ship Tank)
BDCBroadland District Council
BDCBenefit Delivery Centre
BDCBuilding Corner
BDCBreakdance Crew
BDCBlack Diamond Crew (band)
BDCBrain Dead Cager (motorcyclist slang for stupid car drivers)
BDCBinary Decimal Counter
BDCBackup Data Center
BDCBureau of Domestic Commerce
BDCBidirectional Converter
BDCBiologie et Développement Cellulaires (French: Cellular Biology and Development)
BDCBlack Dragon Corps (gaming clan)
BDCBlack Days of Chaos (gaming clan)
BDCBioAssets Development Corporation (Wellesley, MA)
BDCBefore Declassification
BDCBuffered Data Channel
BDCBrigade Data Center
BDCBlast-Design Criteria (DOD)
BDCBackground Dominant Color
BDCBase Defense Commander
BDCBrussels Deuche Club (Belgian car club)
BDCBlade Diagnostics Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA)
BDCBluetooth Developers Conference (San Jose, CA)
BDCBlue Dog Coalition (politics)
BDCBuilding Design Construction (various locations)
BDCBudget Development Committee (various schools)
BDCBroadway Dance Center (New York)
BDCBaltic Defence College (various nations)
BDCBlaby District Council (UK)
BDCBraintree District Council (UK)
BDCBorland Developers Conference (computing)
BDCBachelier en Droit Canonique (Bachelor of Canon Law)
BDCBin Dalmouk Consultants (Dubai, UAE)
BDCBanque du Canada (French: Bank of Canada)
BDCBagleyston Day Clininc
BDCBusiness Design Centre (UK)
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This report identifies and evaluates the realistic deployment options and business models for each broadcasting technology, helping operators to select the best for their own particular circumstances.
The North American ATSC digital television broadcasting standard differs greatly from the DVB and ISDB techniques used in other countries.
We are very pleased to have completed this demanding contract," said Toshio Aoki, Senior Manager of Toshiba's International Operations Department, Broadcasting & Network Systems Division, "and also very pleased to work with KBS.
After analyzing major factors affecting the development of China's broadcasting industry from 2005-2009, the report presents qualitative and quantitative forecast of the industry.
We are extremely enthusiastic that Barry University has chosen Educational Broadcasting Corporation," said Richard Zaretsky, president of the Community Broadcast Foundation.
Chapter 5 Broadcasting & Cable TV in Belgium 44
They also spend ten percent less time with television on a daily basis, making Internet broadcasting a key medium for reaching this hard to reach audience.
As the first commercial company in the nation to be licensed to broadcast high definition television and the first to provide a digital newscast, WRAL-TV, Capitol Broadcasting, has always had a very strong commitment to digital broadcasting," said Ardie Gregory, WRAL-FM vice president and general manager.
Capitol Broadcasting is one of the most technically advanced and innovative broadcast companies in the U.
In fact Scannell and Cardiff argue that these programs represent the most critical contribution the regions made to British broadcasting.
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