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BKNBroken (aviation - very cloudy)
BKNBadan Kepegawaian Negara (Indonesian: National Civil Service Agency)
BKNBostadskreditnämnd (Swedish: Housing Credit Guarantee Board)
BKNBlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust, Inc. (stock symbol; Wilmington, DE)
BKNBranchevereniging Kringloopbedrijven Nederland (Dutch: Recycled Business Sector Association Netherlands)
BKNBohbot Kids Network (Australia)
BKNBahagian Keselamatan Negara (Malaysian preparedness agency)
BKNBoomer Knowledge Network
References in classic literature ?
Like the sun will also Zarathustra go down: now sitteth he here and waiteth, old broken tables around him, and also new tables--half-written.
But he has broken the taboo, your great taboo of the laying-yard, and must go to the eating," Agno interposed quickly.
On the table lay a piece of stick which they had broken together that morning, trying their strength.
And as the split ends were all broken off, Levin clutched the thick ends in his finger, broke the stick in two, and carefully caught the end as it fell.
He was found swinging there after the Brazilians had retired, with his broken sword hung round his neck.
I cannot resist saying that few finer sights can have been seen in history than the last stand of this extraordinary regiment; wounded officers picking up the rifles of dead soldiers, and the general himself facing us on horseback bareheaded and with a broken sword.
The mouths of all the streams which fall into this lake from the west, are marshy and inconsiderable; but on the east side, there is a beautiful beach, broken, occasionally, by high and isolated bluffs, which advance upon the lake, and heighten the character of the scenery.
With some men it needs a cataclysm, as a stone may be broken to fragments by the fury of a torrent; but with some it comes gradually, as a stone may be worn away by the ceaseless fall of a drop of water.
The Shaggy Man was greatly surprised and grieved, but he knew that Ozma never made mistakes and so Ojo must really have broken the Law of Oz.
Don't you wish, Ojo, with all your heart, that you had not been disobedient and broken a Law of Oz?
Thus, before the first hint of the coming of gray day, camp was broken, sled loaded, dogs harnessed, and the two men crouched waiting over the fire.
Having filled and emptied his little tumbler twice, and having broken off an end from the great loaf that was set before him with his cloth and napkin, soup-plate, salt, pepper, and oil, he rested his back against the corner of the wall, made a couch of the bench on which he sat, and began to chew crust, until such time as his repast should be ready.