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BPNBadan Pertanahan Nasional (Indonesian: National Land Agency)
BPNBanco Português de Negócios (Portuguese bank)
BPNBerkeley Parents Network (est. 1993; Berkeley, CA)
BPNBanca Popolare Di Novara (Italian bank)
BPNBackpropagation Network
BPNBusiness Preferred Network (various companies)
BPNBusiness Partner Network
BPNBest Practice Network
BPNBronchopneumonia (lungs)
BPNBusiness Professional Network
BPNBiopartnering North America
BPNBusiness Process Network (supply chain execution)
BPNBuilding Preservation Notice (UK)
BPNBanque Populaire du Nord (French bank)
BPNBlack Peace Now (clothing brand in Japan)
BPNBureau Politique National (French: National Political Bureau; various nations)
BPNBritish Pendulum Number (surface friction property)
BPNBloc Primaire Numérique
BPNBulletProof Nerds (gaming community)
BPNBusiness Partner Number
BPNBâtiments à Propulsion Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Powered Vessels)
BPNBreakdown Pulse Noise
BPNBrevard Professional Network
BPNBudget Project Number
BPNBoundary Point of Entry
BPNNational Land Affairs Agency of Indonesia
BPNBibliothèque Provençale Numérique (French: Regional Digital Library)
BPNBinary Pseudo-Noise
BPNBusiness Permit Number
BPNBobine de Point Neutre (French: Neutral Point Coil)
BPNBandwidth Preemption with Negotiation (architecture for MPLS networks)
BPNBrand Profilers Network (Geneva, Switzerland)
BPNBloody Public Nuisance
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The report accepts Mr Cole did not display any symptoms of bronchopneumonia or signs that his physical health had declined, and are otherwise satisfied that the treatment he received at Cardiff was equivalent to that which he could have expected to receive in the community.
Dr Johnson concluded the cause of death was primarily bronchopneumonia, with infected skin ulceration and dehydration.
somni are characterized by fibrinous and suppurative bronchopneumonia with necrosis of leukocytes ("oatcells"), whereas in the present case, the lesions were mainly localized in the pleura, causing fibrinous-suppurative pleuritis.
Microscopic examination of his lungs confirmed the development of bronchopneumonia. This is a common terminal event in those with head injuries.
[20] The most common clinical conditions were bronchopneumonia, malaria, fever, sepsis and acute gastroenteritis.
People over 65 and children who are two or younger have a higher risk of developing bronchopneumonia and complications.
generalized lymphadenopathy, submandibular and brisket edema, acute fibrinous pneumonia, proctitis, acute colitis, hemorrhagic typhilitis, chronic bronchopneumonia with abscessation and pleuritis have been found to be common lesions of pneumonic pasteurellosis in pigs (9).
We included all adult patients admitted to our intensive care unit presenting with clinical features/suspicion of H1N1 bronchopneumonia and respiratory failure.
Mrs Burke said the lack of mobility caused by the ankle break contributed to the development of the bronchopneumonia which led to her death.
Patchy necrotizing Bronchopneumonia and Lobar Pneumonia was present (Figure 4).
Case Description: A 21-year-old male with cystic fibrosis and prior history of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bronchopneumonia (diagnosed and treated in July) presented to the pulmonary clinic in August, with increasing cough, dyspnea and chest discomfort.
Histologic examination revealed Bollinger inclusion bodies in cutaneous lesions, mild-to-severe bronchopneumonia, moderate periportal lymphocytic hepatitis, splenic lymphopenia and lymphocytolisis.