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B/DBarrels per Day
B/DBrought Down (T-accounts)
B/DBeta/Delta Ratio (anesthesia)
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If the export tax is not brought down, chances of smuggling and other fraudulent activities will increase," another vendor said.
Security researchers said that they were able to crack the domain name generation algorithm (DGA) used by the GozNym malware to communicate with the C&C (command and control servers), which in turn allowed the botnet to be brought down.
I thought I'll'ava'alf travelled well everywhere and was going to win jumping the second-last but he didn't quite see it out in the ground and was brought down at the last.
5 per cent when BJP took over and had been brought down to 5.
Her agent Garry Cribbin said: "Rachael was brought down from Oisin James at Galway on Sunday, and an X-ray showed she broke a bone in her wrist.
Second, the debt to GDP ratio would be brought down to 60% of GDP in the next two years and then over a 15 years period, it would be brought down to 50%.
The woman was brought down from the bridge, and has been detained.
and the United States' claims that the Metrojet plane was brought down by a bomb, killing all 224 onAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA board.
The Iraqi forces brought down the drone in al-Fatha district in Northeastern Salahuddin.
The recovery of the missile parts would be the clearest indication, yet, on what brought down Flight 17 last year while it was cruising at 33,000 feet.
Dale Hilson was brought down by Ayr keeper David Hutton and slotted in a neat penalty to give Forfar the start they had hoped for but Michael Dunlop was sent off for a poor tackle on Robbie Crawford.
A month ago, the prisoner had climbed up the water tank in Multan district jail for the same reason but later was brought down safely by rescue workers.