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BRTHBrown Thrasher (bird)
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We analyzed daily nest survival (DSR) of four species with the largest sample sizes of nests over our 2 y study period: mourning dove, yellow-billed cuckoo, brown thrasher, and northern mockingbird (nests of other species were far less common and were determined to be unusable for inferential statistical analysis).
"Damn you, trashie," Harry shot at the brown thrasher and laughed at the absurdity of his action and the words describing it.
Like Galligan and others (2006) we found a particularly high predation rate in robins and brown thrashers which have larger more conspicuous nests often placed in the interior portions of larger shrubs and trees.
For the Yellow Warbler and Brown Thrasher, we found equal proportions of depredated nests for those containing eggs and those with nestlings.
The brown thrasher bird performs nearly 2,000 songs, while some of its close avian relatives perform only three or four.
As chief research wildlife biologist for the USDA Forest Service's Northeast Forest Experiment Station, DeGraaf recalls when the countryside of northern Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and southern Maine rang with the bobolink's bubbling refrain, the meadowlark's musical whistles, and the brown thrasher's repititious trills.
Brown thrasher nest reuse: a time saving resource, protection from search-strategy predators, or cues for nest-site selection.
Beyond that, in the disturbed area we would expect to see an increase in shrub land birds, like the chestnut-sided warbler, prairie warbler, brown thrasher, Eastern towhee - all species that benefit from the new forest growth.
Kroodsma recounts the example of a brown thrasher that in a 2-hour period sang 1,800 different songs.
tested Anseriformes Canada Goose 253 Wood Duck 120 3 additional species 35 Columbiformes Mourning Dove 11 Rock Dove (b) 20 Galliformes Chukar (b) 22 Domestic Chicken (b) 63 2 additional species 16 Passeriformes Cedar Waxwing 5 Blue Grosbeak 2 Indigo Bunting 28 Northern Cardinal 129 American Crow 157 Red-winged Blackbird 39 Brown Thrasher 19 Gray Catbird 72 Ovenbird 32 House Sparrow 185 American Robin 79 Swainson's Thrush 32 45 additional species 422 Strigiformes Great Horned Owl (b) 9 2 additional species 3 Other (5 orders) 10 species 31 Total (10 orders) 81 species 1784 Order Common name No.
Originally published in 1978 in Twayne's United States Authors Series and now reissued as one of the University of Georgia Press's Brown Thrasher Books, dedicated to Georgia history and culture, Joel Chandler Harris confirms Harris's considerable impact on American literary and popular culture.
Species visually identified were Bell's vireo, brown thrasher, field sparrow, northern mockingbird and painted bunting.