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A new research by Universite Paris-Sud suggests that Buckminsterfullerene - also known as buckyballs - could be used to make us live longer.
Sir Harold and his collaborators at Rice University in Texas were awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996 for their work on Buckminsterfullerene molecules.
Buckminsterfullerene, and the search for fullerenes in carbonaceous substances associated with the Oklo natural nuclear fission reactors
More recently, studies have been undertaken to elucidate the dynamical properties and their relation to structure of carbonaceous molecular solids such as the nearly spherical buckminsterfullerene ([C.
Most exciting is a new form of carbon - the buckminsterfullerene, or "the bucky ball".
I became interested in buckminsterfullerene (Buckyballs) as a result of an E-Mail discussion of the topic in 1991.
Growing knowledge about a molecule postulated in 1985, isolated in 1990, and first imaged in 1991 led to a flood of research on buckminsterfullerene (the "buckyball," for short), a soccer-ball-shaped molecule named for the inventor of the geodesic dome, another structure it resembles.
Likewise, the protein coats of spherical viruses, skeletons of many radiolarians, and the carbon 60 molecule buckminsterfullerene are all constructed as pentagonal dodecahedrons.
Campbell's team decided to test ionized buckminsterfullerene molecules (a.