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BUFFBoston Underground Film Festival (Boston, MA)
BUFFBuffalo National River (US National Park Service)
BUFFBig Ugly Fat Fellow (polite form)
BUFFCC-115 Buffalo (Canadian transport and rescue aircraft)
BUFFBig Ugly Flying Fellow (USAF B-52 Bomber, polite form)
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Lastly, the looking-glass reflects Boots and Brewer, and two other stuffed Buffers interposed between the rest of the company and possible accidents.
Then the four Buffers, taking heart of grace all four at once, say:
Man from Tumwhere!' At which the four Buffers, again mysteriously moved all four at once, explain, 'You can't resist!'
A passing remembrance of Mrs Veneering, here induces Mortimer to address his next half-dozen words to her; after which he wanders away again, tries Twemlow and finds he doesn't answer, ultimately takes up with the Buffers who receive him enthusiastically.
Here, the Analytical Chemist (who has evidently formed a very low opinion of Mortimer's story) concedes a little claret to the Buffers; who, again mysteriously moved all four at once, screw it slowly into themselves with a peculiar twist of enjoyment, as they cry in chorus, 'Pray go on.'
But as a buffer living on his means, and having an idea of doing it in this lovely place in peace and quiet, for remaining span of life, I beg to ask if the Tope family are quite respectable?'
Datchery to himself that night, as he looked at his white hair in the gas-lighted looking-glass over the coffee-room chimneypiece at the Crozier, and shook it out: 'For a single buffer, of an easy temper, living idly on his means, I have had a rather busy afternoon!'
At another time Polly would have laughed at the contrast between Tom's face and his language, but there was a sincere remorse, which made even the dreadful word "buffer" rather touching than otherwise.
In NCR, all five NFA district offices failed to maintain the required 15-day buffer stock for the entire 2018.
This report provides detailed historical analysis of global market for Buffer Tanks from 2013-2018, and provides extensive market forecasts from 2019-2028 by region/country and subsectors.
New Delhi (India), June 21 (ANI): The Central government on Friday said to have a buffer of around 44,205 metric tonnes (MT) of onions have been built through procurement from the crop this year as against the buffer of 13,508 MT built in 2018-19.
Caption: Illustration of the control structure and diversion pipe in a saturated buffer. Drainage water flows from the field through the control structure and diversion pipe and then into the soil toward the stream.