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BUILDBaltimoreans United in Leadership Development
BUILDBrooklyn United for Innovative Local Development (Brooklyn, NY)
BUILDBusinesses United in Investing, Lending and Development (Palo Alto, CA)
BUILDBuilding Undergraduate Involvement in the Life of Durham (Duke University)
BUILDBuilding Up Individual Lives Daily (in God)
BUILDBOI (Board of Investment) Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (Thailand)
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Plus, he says, traditional building owners face the risk of obsolescence: If everyone else is choosing to build healthy efficient buildings, do I really want to be stuck with an outdated dinosaur that's unhealthy?
Once the decision to build has been made, many camp directors and property managers are now finding that there is a desire within their organizations to build "green.
People think they're going to be spending twice as much to build an environmentally friendly building; that's just not so.
After reading this article, each team should build a "skyscraper" at least 25 centimeters (10 inches) tall using only the materials listed above.
If you simply don't have space [in an existing school] to accommodate [an] increase in students, it might make sense to build new," notes Mark Gilberg, research and development manager for the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International.
Our responsibility to make changes in the way we build and develop land is becoming imperative.
Some architects claim an eco-house is too involved to build successfully from published blueprints (thereby saving the expense of architects and environmental consultants).
In Western North Carolina (WNC) the increase in air pollution and its effect on both humans and our natural systems reinforces the idea that we need to build in a way that is environmentally sustainable.
Methane is only dangerous if it is allowed to build up inside an enclosed structure, he said, and there is currently no danger of that happening.
Eventually, Ovrom said the city hopes to build another facility behind City Hall and bring back some of the internal, less-public departments.