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Ten operations were performed for both a hard joint (35-ms buildup) and a soft joint (900-ms buildup).
Manufacturing engineers try to keep die lip buildup to a minimum since periodic cleaning requires downtime.
The balloon flattens the buildup and stretches the artery, improving blood flow.
The working groups wanted a smooth curve for the benefit buildup pattern, avoiding discontinuities that distort termination and retirement patterns.
Every plant that generates steam will be concerned about calcium scale buildup.
This research work pertains to the buildup of dissolved solids in closed white water systems.
resin buildup on the mixing blades, drive shaft and discharge door (seal).
Naval buildups pursued to protect naval buildups make no independent sense.
It wasn't intended to justify any particular type of land management or maximize all forest values-it simply focuses on creating maximum biomass and using that biomass in ways that reduce or constrain the buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide.
Changing the angle at which the extrudate is drawn away from the die can change the placement of buildup on the die and make it easier to clean.
Nor was it able to keep up with dirt and moisture buildup problems.